Top 7 eCommerce Development Trends for 2022

According to surveys conducted during this pandemic. the eCommerce platform market value reached 183 billion dollars. With such an expansion in revenue, the significance of shopping websites keeps on increasing. Based on reports, the people of the U.S have alone spent an amount of over 800 billion on online buying platforms. Now, the international eCommerce trends are reaching new heights. It has been upgraded and is not restricted to domestic boundaries. These days, businesses have become flexible and are targeting people of various regions. By 2024, the eCommerce market will proliferate by 22% than the existing time. This is a sure-shot motivation for mobile app development companies to build more online shopping apps.

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What are the top seven eCommerce trends to follow in 2022?

Lots of trends are expected to be followed in the next year. Here, we will enlist 7 of them. So, let’s proceed with further discussion:

  • AI, AR, and VR

In a study done by Statista, the AR market value is going to reach 16 million dollars in 2022. This will increase further by 18 million dollars in 2023. Now, eCommerce businesses are focusing on exploring new opportunities with AR & VR to create interactive user manuals, virtual trial rooms, and designing social media filters.

With great technological adoption, it will be easy for businesses to deliver a better experience to users. Consumers can get the actual feel of checking out the product as they get in physical stores. In case you are dealing in the retail domain like cosmetics, clothes, or accessories, you can use these technologies to improve users’ experience.


  • Payment choices

In the upcoming time, everyone will observe an improvement in the payment mode for the eCommerce domain. It has been forecasted that the cryptocurrency market will be increased by 60 billion dollars by 2025. This could be an important trendsetter for online shopping websites. Currently, transactions are done through different payment gateways. But in the future, a buyer can directly transfer money to retailers with bitcoins. This will minimize the number of fraud cases.

If you are running a business, it could be ideal for you to hire a mobile app development company. They will help you in designing an eCommerce app that supports bitcoin payment. It is a cheaper and more secured payment option.

  • Special strategies for new buyers

More than 70% of consumers visit an online shopping website again if they find it impressive. These days, multiple eCommerce businesses are struggling to gain first-time customers’ attention. That is why a lot more business strategies in 2022 will target to sustain new consumers. At present, all eCommerce businesses can take advantage of customers’ responses and add value to their business. It is because new buyers’ purchasing decisions will depend on reviews provided by old product buyers.

  • Omnichannel approach

Customers prefer to use eCommerce platforms in innovative ways. This helps a business to find out more innovative ways to do products trading. 


With this omnichannel strategy, it won’t be difficult for a business to ensure an ideal customer experience. Whatever device it would be, consumers can always get the best exposure. Using the omnichannel, every organization can target customers either by opting for online and offline mode. By selecting the omnichannel approach, better communication with customers is even possible.


  • Headless eCommerce

This is also one of the evolving trends that can have a huge impact on the eCommerce future. The adoption of Headless Commerce splits the online purchasing platform and the frontend layer. This creates endless possibilities for innovation. 

So, if you are thinking of following the latest trends, select the headless option as it provides flexibility. You will get the flexibility for the SEO, backend, content marketing, and digital experiences.

  • Significance of analytics

Deloitte disclosed that almost 50% of people accepted that analytics helped in effective decision-making. Around 16% of respondents said that it assists them in taking strategic initiatives. In-depth eCommerce analysis has always been a trendsetter as it emphasizes consumer habits and conversion. With Analytics, you can implement great eCommerce traffic solutions as these include metrics. 

Considering major factors like running campaigns, click-through rate, and conversion numbers let you decide the right way to attract customers to your shopping website. Thus, keeping the analytics in getting the insight reports will never go to waste. It will ensure a successful future for you in the eCommerce market. The analytics could be based on audience segmentation. It can involve CRM or anything that could offer you deep insights.

  • Enhance B2B trend

It has been disclosed that the B2B market value will reach 7 trillion dollars in 2021. This progressive trend has been led through technological firms. With such a type of approach. it can be easy for the workforce to execute the businesses smoothly. Companies that indulge in eCommerce business can ensure high profit. So, in case you have a B2B business. be ready to accomplish large volume-based discounts and manage reorders. To ensure a hi-tech experience with an eCommerce app, you can even approach an eCommerce app development service provider.



The eCommerce domain is expanding too fast. It is advancing quickly with time. The most powerful aspect that binds every eCommerce trend together is changing consumer behavior. Now, everyone is preferring to go online shopping than before. So in the upcoming days, it would be quite interesting to see the new developments in the eCommerce sector.


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