Top Six Tips to Hire the Best Roofing Company in Stratford Connecticut

Do you live in Stratford Connecticut? Are you in search of some of the top roofing installation companies? Then you have ended up on the right page that will counsel you on all the pro tips and tricks needed to find the right roofer near you.

Roofing is no easy business. It requires skill, expertise, and years of experience. A roofer needs to have an operational license. You cannot just hire the first roofer that pops up in your search results. You may end up making a grave mistake that may become a burden on your pocket.

Roof installation and replacement are a once-in-a-lifetime type of investment, you cannot afford to go wrong here. So, if you are concerned and worried about hiring a roofer for your residential or commercial roof, here are some top tips that will help you find and hire the right person.

1. A good roofer has served multiple years in the roofing industry

Will you ever take your broken car to an expert who has recently joined the business? Or would you hand over your wheels to someone who is an apprentice? You also wouldn’t hire an internee for your heart surgery.  Then why hire a roofer who has only spent a few months or a year in the business.

In most cases, homeowners choose the contractor according to the quotations given by the contractors. And this is the general rule of life, you receive the product according to the amount you pay.

So, even if you find someone who falls within your budget but fails to provide a quality and sturdy roof over your head, then what is the point? Go with someone who has served for at least 7 to 10 years in the field and has mastered the art of roof installation.

2. A credible roofer must have a valid license

Roofing is no easy work; it presents various threats. Hence, the roofers need to be well-trained in using the right tools and equipment keeping in perspective all the safety protocols during the construction work.

So, in addition to experience, expertise will come in handy over here. Credible roofers have obtained legit work licenses and permits to work as a roofer in the field.

Insurance is an important piece of credential that a roofer should have so that the homeowner does not have to foot the medical bills of an injured roofer in case of a mishap or an accident.

You have every right as a homeowner to ask your contractor to present his proof of license and insurance before hiring him. And if your contractor fails to provide proof of insurance and license, you are better off looking elsewhere.

3. It is important to verify the roofer’s reputation in town

When hiring any service, one of the first things you should look for is the reputation of the company or the contractor. Take an example of your last hairdresser, why did you hire him? After checking his portfolio and past work, right?

It is a good idea to ask for referrals from family, friends, and colleagues for credible roofing contractors in your area. People only recommend those names that have a reputation in the market, otherwise, why would they be famous?

But there is one drawback to the online world. The internet is filled with biased reviews and even paid reviews. So, it is important that you verify everything listed online on your own by doing your homework.

4. The roofer with the lowest bid may not be the best option

If you have ever overlooked a renovation or a remodeling project in the past, a wise person would have advised you to get three different quotations from different contractors. We do not know who devised this three-quotation rule, but it seems to work for the majority of the homeowners.

You can even go further than getting just three quotations for your roofing project and then make your decision.

Schedule meetings with various roofing contractors in your area and get all the necessary details, breakdown of the price, type of roof, etc., and then with great deliberation make your decision.

5. When you finalize a deal, get all negotiations and terms in writing

Whatever you decide with your contractor during your one-on-one meetings, make sure you get it in writing and ask your contractor to sign the deal. You can stay rest assured that your contractor will not go back on his word.

In fact, credible roofing companies hire experienced workers who will word out every clause in the contract and cater to all your queries before beginning the project.

6. A roofing company should not handover your project to a third-party contractor

This is an important step that you should verify before hiring your roofing contractor. Ask the company or the contractor who will be doing the actual installation in your home. You do not want to face the horror of waking up one morning to find unrecognizable staff working on your roof, or do you?

Many contractors take on the project but hand over the work to third-party companies while keeping their commission aside.

If they install your roof through third-party contractors, the company that is supplying the construction materials will render the warranty useless. And you will end up with a huge financial deficit.

Besides, you can never verify the credentials of a third-party contractor. They could be amateurs or unskilled for all you know.

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