Top Trendy Shopify Stores to Inspire Your Business in the Next Level

Nowadays, there is a general trend among most businesses across the world to head online, especially with the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic that forces people to shop online, Shopify became the most popular platform among the business owners to launch their online stores and meet customer’s demands. It is because only having a quality product is no more enough to attract your target audience, rather you have to entice your target customers to your online store. So make sure your online store is featured with good UI, easy to use, outstanding customer service, and easy payment options. But don’t worry! Shopify released new features and apps to help businesses make the shift to eCommerce easier to meet shopping demand online.

You will be surprised to know that today Shopify is dominating the eCommerce landscape with over 100,000 businesses across the globe relying on the platform to sell their products online and set their store up for success. So, if you are a business owner who wants to help your business to keep pace with the competition, make sure you hire a leading Shopify Plus Consultant in India.

Why Choose Shopify while Setting up Your Online Store?

Nowadays, most businesses across industries and regardless of size trust Shopify by considering the features that this platform offers. Several biggest brands choose Shopify to run their stores. Now, look at the top Shopify features that will help you make a fortune through your online store.

  • Mobile Responsive: There are more than 100 free and paid themes in Shopify that are mobile responsive and customizable for any kind of business.
  • Marketing & SEO: Shopify is also featured with built-in marketing tools for SEO, campaign creation, audience targeting, and automation that will help your business to reach its potential customers.
  • Multichannel Platform: Shopify allows business owners to sell their products on multiple sales channels including Facebook, Amazon, Instagram, and more.
  • Payment Gateway: Shopify offers over 100 payment gateways to its users along with its built-in gateway known as Shopify Payments.
  • eCommerce Analytics: Shopify enables business owners to gauge how their stores are performing in real-time. Moreover, it provides strategies to improve your store’s performance.
  • Multi-Language Support: Shopify enables customers to view their products, checkout, and receive alerts in their local language. It simply means that Shopify is a multi-language eCommerce platform.

Top Shopify Stores for Inspiration:

If you are wondering about whether to choose Shopify or not to sell products online, look at some top brands as your inspirations who are running exceptionally well by using Shopify before you hire the best eCommerce Development Company.

1. Nestle:

There are hardly any people who have not heard the name of Nestle Nescafe. Yes, Nestle is one of the most well-known Shopify users. This is a reputed company that produces a wide range of beverage and culinary goods, confectionery, cooking equipment, and pet care.

2. Taylor Stitch:

Taylor Stitch is a classic men’s clothing brand that is popular among customers for creating long-lasting menswear. while maintaining sustainable and eco-friendly practices. The Taylor Stitch website is based on the Shopify platform that entails everything necessary to stay ahead of the competition including clear CTA, mobile-friendly design, alluring copy, supportive images et.

3. Allbirds:

Allbirds is a popular shoe brand that delivers sustainable products. This brand is featured in the top publications including CNN, Wall Street Journal, and many more. This is a Shopify store with a modern and elegant website design that offers the customers the right vibe. With enticing, informative copy and graphics.

4. Gymshark:

Gymshark is one of the most popular fitness apparel and accessory brands that have a high market in more than 130 countries. Moreover, this brand has 4.6 million followers on Instagram along with social media posts with good customer reviews. One of the main reasons that make Gymshark a successful brand is its effective Shopify website. This Website with minimalistic website design, clear CTAs, and high-quality photography of products.

5. Studio Neat:

when it comes to tech accessories, Studio Neat comes at the top position. It is a hub of amazing accessories that you can hardly find anywhere else. This is s Shopify store that is owned as well as run by two designers who never miss any scope to address problems faced by people. Along with offering quality products. Studio Neat has a neat website with clear CTAs, easy navigation, and meaningful copy to level up the eCommerce game.

6. WP Standard:

WP Standard is a reputed brand of leather accessories that offers quality wallets, bags, and accessories. This is a well-recognized brand that prominently shows the power of design in achieving success in the eCommerce platform. Yes, WP Standard accepts that its success mainly lies in the design and strategies for lead generation.

7. Biko:

Another top store built on Shopify is Biko which is a Toronto-based jewelry brand popular. for its unique products. But the main reason that helps Biko to stand out from the competition is its simple as well as responsive eCommerce store design. This design along with high-quality product photography that is enough to attract the target audience for purchase.


With cutthroat competition in the online platform, helping your business stand out is not an easy task. But with the Shopify platform, there is no more to worry about. It is because Shopify provides unmatched features to pave the way to success. But make sure you opt for the best Shopify Development Services to optimize your business strategy.

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