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Transport and Logistics Counter

The Transport and Logistics Counter Measures Department (MLD) is the main agency of the Australian Department of Transport. The department was created in response to the breakdown of the transport industry in Australia in the 21st century. The growth in the road network, combined with an increase in air freight shipping has resulted in a growing variety of transport modes. However, it has been found that while all modes are being use, transport efficiency is far from optimal due to poor planning, operational procedures, and the lack of a coordinate system amongst transport operators, including haulage companies, transport agencies, air freight Transport and Logistics Company operators, and cargo transport companies. These accidents have occurred due to poor management of the transport industry and the inability of haulage companies to adhere to required standards.

Transport and Logistics Company

The Transport and Logistics Company was establish in order to provide a united Australia’s transport and logistics industry with a consistent policy and regulatory environment. The role of the Company is to provide advice on the implementation of these policies to the various levels of government, as well as to industry groups and other relevant external parties. It also ensures that the various regulations, both national and international, are complied with. Apart from advising the government and industry, the Company is also consulted on a regular basis on issues related to the transport industry.

Department of Transport

The Transport and Logistics Company was establish as part of the Corporate Reform Act of 1996 which aimed to promote and protect the interests of the transport sector as a key contributor to Australia’s economic growth. The Transport and Logistics Company is administered by the Department of Transport. Other external affairs offices are based in Sydney and Brisbane.

Transport and Logistics Company

Transport sector

The department has devised policies and guidelines that have helped increase the efficiency of the transport industry, and consequently, the productivity and profitability of businesses. In this regard, the Transport and Logistics Company is primarily responsible for ensuring that the implementation of its policies and measures meets the varied needs of the transport sector.  It also ensures that there is stringent compliance with government regulations concerning road safety, vehicle safety, accidents, and emissions.

Foreign transported resources

The transport and logistics industry is the single largest contributor to the Australian economy and therefore, the responsibility of ensuring that it develops and delivers the right infrastructure, products, and services to meet the increasing demand is extremely important to the Australian economy. The market for logistic and transport services is constantly expanding as the need for goods and services increases globally. This creates an urgent need for an efficient and robust transport system that is capable of meeting the demands. To meet these growing demands, Australia relies heavily on foreign transported resources which in turn necessitates the need for a reliable and robust Logistics and Transport System.

Transport companies

As per the United States Department of Transportation, logistic and transport companies. Form an important and essential link in the supply chain network of the US. According to them, timely delivery of the goods to the final destination. In terms of both quantity and quality is an integral part of the trade. To meet this end, logistic and transport companies have to ensure that their activities are conduct in a plan and systematic manner. They have to ensure that the transport of goods occurs at the most optimal juncture to meet the deadline. Moreover, they also have to ensure that there is safe and timely arrival of the goods to their destination.

Transport and Logistics Company

Supply chain of Logistics

The logistic and transport industry has the capability to deliver the goods. To the client’s location in time and within the budget. The logistics company’s ability to work flexibly to meet clients’ needs, customer preferences, and rush circumstances are of prime importance. Australian companies engaged in the supply chain of Logistics and Transport. Whether engaged in the manufacture, logistics, transportation. Or distribution of goods, have a definite advantage over global players when it comes to coping. With unexpected events such as accidents, strikes, etc. As a client company, it is of paramount importance that the company. You choose is able to cope with such situations in the best possible manner.

Mode of transportation

There are many factors that have to be consider before choosing a logistics company. These include the company’s experience, ability to work with a wide variety of clients. And ability to respond swiftly and efficiently to any change in circumstances. At times, the company’s ability to meet shipping services deadlines also poses as one of its major concerns. The logistics company should be able to provide the client. With the information required on their delivery time frames and the mode of transportation that will be use for delivery. The company should also be able to provide other relevant details required by the client.

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