Types and Benefits of Rigid Boxes

Types and Benefits of Rigid Boxes

Rigid boxes are designed especially for selling luxury products. Firms demand them to pack up delicate and high-value items. They are sturdy packaging boxes, having multiple layers. They usually contain two parts – a base and a lid. However, their sizes and shapes vary to a great extent. They can be circular, square, triangular, rectangular, V-shaped, etc. They offer a luxury feel. These boxes are four times thicker than an ordinary folding carton. They are not printed directly. We instead wrap them with paper that can be as luxurious as desired. These boxes boost their brand awareness among the masses and provide a fantastic unboxing experience to buyers. Here are some types and benefits of these boxes.

Different Types of Rigid Boxes:

·         Partial Covered 

These boxes have a window in the center. That is made from a transparent film. If the window is larger, the film needs to be stiffer.

·                      Telescopic Boxes

There are different kinds of telescoping Rigid Boxes. These include 2-piece telescoping and 3-piece telescoping.

A 2-piece telescoping box contains two parts-a base and a lid. You can use them for several products like electronic products and apparel products. The 3-piece telescoping rigid box consists of 3 parts: The upper lid, the inner piece, and the bottom part. You can use them to encase expensive products.

·                      Book Style

Box style e rigid box packaging opens like a book. They look elegant and decent. These boxes are used to pack a variety of retail products that come to your mind.

·                      Rigid Drawer Boxes

Rigid drawer boxes have two parts. The one is the inner drawer and the second one is the outer sleeve. They give a unique and charming effect to the product when placed on the market shelves.

Now, we are going to discuss some of the amazing benefits of such packaging.

Rigid Boxes Keep the Products Safe:

No matter whether a product is robust or fragile in its structure, the safety of products is equally important. The security of products is the top priority of brands. A product needs to reach its target consumers in its best state. The buyers will never invest in products that are shattered to pieces or broken. The products portray a company in its full essence. So if a product is not safe then it cannot present a good image of a brand to its clients. To attain this purpose of protection, custom rigid boxes are an ideal option. They are strong and structurally stable. This makes them easy to safeguard a product. Rigidity in these boxes contributes to the safety of products. You can pack almost any type of product inside them. They are not product-specific but offer great versatility in their packing abilities.

Ideal for Customization:

You can personalize your rigid boxes design with endless customizable options, from design to final finishing. These boxes are customizable according to any style, window cut out, die cuts, design, printing, and everything in between. We can make them in any size including varying lengths, depths, and widths for the products you want to be preached among the target audience. You can print your brand logo and motto on the packaging to raise your brand awareness. They are ideal for the cost-effective promotion of your brand. Customization options include thread handles, closing magnets, flocking, and foil stamping. You can also add matte coating and gloss coating to make your product unique and catchy in the retail sector. These additional printing features add extra glam to the product. You can personalize them in any manner. It means you can create boxes that are as luxurious as your products.

Offer Better Interaction with Buyers:

In recent studies, it has been recognized that customers prefer to interact more with stylish-looking packaging boxes. To uplift your brand, you should look for the best methodologies to support your branding campaigns. It’s the point where custom rigid boxes support you. From the point of discovering the products on the shelf, and getting that to the hands, luxury packaging delivers the best unboxing experiences. When your shoppers see beautiful product packaging, they will go ahead and touch it. It will tempt them to go ahead with further inspection. They deliver a powerful emotional connection to the customers. These boxes highlight all the special features and add more value. They allow you to deliver an engaging experience to the customers. They reflect the unique value of your brand. This will also help you to raise the overall customer journey.

Promote Your Brand:

If you’re a business owner, you know how vital marketing is to your company’s success. Advertisement is the soul of marketing. Rigid box packaging is a perfect business marketing tool. They boost brand awareness and customer interactions. You don’t need to run separate marketing drives. They can be your business card. They raise profits and reach customers with better value. These boxes have a logo that conveys your brand identity. Your company’s logo helps your audience identify your product easily. The ideal way to include this is to place it in a prominent place. Your packaging must reflect what you mean. Choosing them can help your business gain a competitive edge in the retail industry.


From the above discussion, we can conclude that rigid boxes are perfect for packaging luxurious items. You can customize them in any way to meet the exact needs of their end-users. They are versatile and innovative. These boxes are highly durable and reliable. They don’t spoil the products during shipping and add more value to them. If you are looking for a way to boost your customer interactions, they are something that you must consider. They raise the company’s sales and profits, leading your business towards client satisfaction.

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