Types of massage and Advantage of Massage

Swedish Massage Therapy:- This is the most popular massage which is also known as simply massage therapy. This massage is done with massage lotion or oil. It is very soft and comfortable. If you are going to get a massage for the first time, then you can take Swedish massage therapy.


Aromatherapy Massage: – In aromatherapy massage, one or more plants are used, which are called essential oils. The oils used in this massage give energy, reduce stress along with relaxing the body. The most commonly used essential oil in aromatherapy is lavender.


Hot Stone Massage:- Hot stone massage is used to loosen tight muscles, warm the body and balance the energy of the body. During this massage, hot and smooth stones are placed in selected parts of the body. Massage therapists also create pressure in many parts of the body by holding hot stones. Hot stone massage is generally best for people who have muscle tension.


Deep Tissue Massage:- This massage is done for the deep layer of the muscles and the connective tissues. Massage therapists massage the muscles with slow strokes and friction techniques. This massage is done very tight. So that the pain can be removed from the muscles. Earlier injuries can also be recovered.


Shiatsu Massage Therapy:- Shiatsu is a Japanese massage therapy. In this therapy, pressure is applied in the form of acupressure with the thumb, fingers and palms. At each point pressure is applied with energy for 2 to 8 seconds. This helps in creating balance of the body. There is no swelling or pain in the body after this therapy.


Thai Massage: – Like Shiastu therapy, in Thai massage, pressure is applied to certain areas with energy and pressure. It has body stretch like yoga. It is the most energetic. It reduces stress and makes the body flexible.


Pregnancy Massage:- It is also known as prenatal massage. This is a very popular massage among pregnant women. This massage is done only by some special experts. It helps in reducing stress, reducing swelling, relieving pain, protecting from depression and relieving anxiety in women. Pregnancy massage can also be customized according to the needs of the woman.


Reflexology Massage:- This massage is also known as foot massage. It is much more than a simple foot massage. Pressure is applied on different parts of the feet. This massage is beneficial for those people who work standing all day long or are very tired or who have pain in their feet.


Sports Massage:- Sports massage is beneficial for those who live in physical activities. It not only relaxes the body but also heals the injuries caused during sports. Along with this, it helps the player to improve the performance as well. Apart from increasing the flexibility in the body, this massage also eliminates the stiffness of the muscles.

Back Massage:- Many clinics and spa centers offer 30 minutes back massage. As the name suggests, this massage is done especially for the waist. Be it back pain or shoulder pain, through this massage, there is relief in pain.

What are the benefits of massaging?

what kind of therapy is a massager Which you can enjoy in any season. But it is believed that after getting a massage from November to March, learning lukewarm incense is a different pleasure. Massage also cures many diseases. Massaging also gives you relief from various types of pain. If you often suffer from back pain, depression etc., then massage can prove to be beneficial for you. Let us know what are the benefits of massaging.

We have made a complete list of it below. Benefits of Massage Benefits of Massage Massage is considered to be a great healer. It removes muscle pain. In modern research, it has emerged that after massage, the work of skin tissue repair is accelerated. Massage reduces the build-up of chemical cytokines that make your muscles swell. This increases the circulation of blood in the muscles, tissues and ligaments. Massage also calms your anger by reducing stress.

It is also beneficial in reducing depression and depression. Massaging is also helpful in preventing headaches, digestive system disturbances, insomnia, high blood pressure, heart disease and stroke. This improves the posture of the body, it gives mental peace, due to which concentration increases. Skin tone and health also improves if good quality oils and lotions are used

        [ Conclusion ]

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