Understanding Car Tyres For Modern Electric Vehicles

Usually, almost every vehicle owner tries to save money on their tyres. They either prefer to purchase tyres of a cheaper brand or part worn tyres to save some amount of money.

This article explains the Tyres Wolverhampton in electric vehicles. Stay tuned!

Difference between tyres of a combustion car and an electric vehicle

First, let’s have some basics! Let’s know about the difference between the tyres of a combustion car and that of an electric vehicle.

Well, the vehicle weight is the first thing to look probably. Electric vehicles are usually heavier than combustion vehicles. But, this is not the case always. The EVs are heavier due to the presence of a battery in the vehicle. This weight can exert extra pressure on the tyres of an EV due to many reasons.

The strain produced from acceleration is another aspect. The EVs get instant acceleration and torque, which is loved by the EV drivers. While taking off the lights at the traffic, this can cause a bit of friskiness at the accelerator part.

Tyres of Electric Vehicle

Well, safety is every individual’s demand. Every vehicle owner would like to have a vehicle in which he can brake efficiently during emergencies and steer efficiently to prevent any accident.

The major thing that matters is efficiency. You can find various ranges of EVs that you can use for your trips. Good efficiency and mileage are something to look for in such EVs. Tyres play a major part in this.

Well, the tyre part that makes contact with the road deforms under the pressure exerted by the car’s weight. This is known as hysteresis. It is an addition to the tyre’s rolling resistance, which affects the range and efficiency adversely. Thus, the tyre manufacturers use structures and materials in the tyre to strengthen it with adequate rigidity. But, a balance has to be maintained. It is obvious that efficiency is necessary but no compromise should be made with the gripping. 

Noise is another aspect while picking EVs tyres. As compared to diesel or petrol vehicles, very little noise is produced by an electric motor. Thus, while driving in an EV, you get to hear the tyre and wind noise more. Various patterns of tread are found cutting down on the sound effects in EV tyres. 

Saving money… Not really

Now let’s take the financial standpoint into account. Obviously, our first concern is safety always …but saving money is vital as well! 

Your EV tyres will undergo a huge amount of wearing if you drive on underinflated EV tyres or pick the wrong tyres for your EV. The tyres meant for EV are supposed to be more rigid to handle the correct weight amount. Installing a tyre carrying a heavyweight will bulge and have an effect of pillow shape. Thus, the tyre shoulder will get stressed and wear at a faster rate. 

So the pros of saving money on the upfront tyres cost must be measured.  A part worn tyre at a cheap price and not designed for an EV can be purchased. But, this will have to compromise with the efficiency. You will also have to spend more in the long term as your EV will demand charge frequently if your tyres are not efficient. The Hankook Tyres Wolverhampton is a reliable choice.


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