Use An App Like Letgo To Start Your Online Classifieds Business

Use An App Like Letgo To Start Your Online Classifieds Business.

In the past, classified advertising and classified business were often confused. People used to advertise their products for second-hand sales in newspapers, which were known as classifieds. People who are interested will get in touch with them and work out a price.

Newspapers have also gone digital in this fast-paced world. That’s when Letgo and Olx appeared on the scene. These apps encouraged people to sell or buy their goods directly, without the use of middlemen. As a result, the app can now follow a C2C business model.

Letgo clone — A great way to get started with your own online classifieds business.

E-commerce apps are similar to C2C online marketplace apps. The only significant difference is that they sell people used goods. Letgo is a popular C2C (consumer-to-consumer) online marketplace where people can sell their used goods.

We recommend a Letgo clone to entrepreneurs who want to start their own classified app. The Letgo clone is a copy of the standard model that already exists.

Letgo’s impressive business model and features are what lead us to recommend that you replicate the app. The Letgo clone with a white label will allow you to customize the app to your liking. You can quickly make an amazing entry into the market with a well-developed Letgo clone.

What distinguishes our Letgo clone app from others?

The Letgo clone app from Appdupe consists of three modules: a buyers app, a sellers app, and an admin panel.

Features of the Buyers App

  • Login is simple and convenient.

Buyers who want to purchase products through the app must first register with their email address, phone number, or social media account.

  • Option for a more advanced search

Users can use the advanced search option to quickly find their products by typing their product names into the search bar. All of the products will be analyzed, and the top results will be listed.

  • Payment options that are quick

When users make purchases through your app, it’s critical that you give them a variety of options. As a result, we’ve included a variety of options such as card payments, mobile wallets, and net banking.

Features of the seller app

  • Inventory control is important.

This feature of the app allows sellers to accurately track their products. This will allow them to keep track of the status of their products and services from within the app.

images to be uploaded

A separate section of the seller app allows sellers to upload product images and descriptions. Additionally, sellers have the ability to remove products from listings at any time.

A page dedicated to your profile

The app also allows sellers to manage their own profile pages, which they can use to market their goods. This will also assist them in gaining more visibility in order to market their products.

The Letgo clone app’s monetization model

One of the most important considerations for entrepreneurs is revenue generation. And, yes, that is the primary reason we are highlighting the most important ways to generate revenue with the app.

Buyers and sellers both pay commissions.

You can charge a commission to your buyers and sellers. You can receive a portion of their commission if they sell or buy their products through your app.

Campaigns for promotion

This is yet another source of income. You can invite sellers who want to promote their products in the app using this method. They’ll also pay your app for the privilege of running their promotion campaigns. You have complete control over the fee payment schedule.


When third-party retailers, sellers, or whomever approaches you to run advertisements in your app. You can, however, get your advertisement fee from them.


Introduce various subscription plans so that people can take advantage of your premium services. Users who want to use the app’s premium features will have to pay a monthly subscription fee. You can generate revenue in this manner as well.

To sum it up,

People have embraced online classified marketplaces as a viable option for selling their wares. For those who are entrepreneurs, now is the best time to launch their classified app. We provide a white-labeled Letgo clone app with pre-built features at Appdupe. Give us a call or set up an appointment to talk about your custom app.

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