Useful Tips and Brief Guide on Design Dried Flowers Bouquet

Dried Flower Guide

Owing to their classic appearance and vintage elegance, dried flower bouquets look just wonderful. Some people think that dead or wilted flowers are the same as dried flowers but this is not so. Though it is true that dried flowers are not fresh or hand picked flowers right from the farm, they are not dead. 

Guide to Design Dried Flowers Bouquet

Whether you have got congratulations, flower delivery or any other flower arrangement at home that you want to turn into a beautiful bouquet, you just need to follow these tips.

Choose the Right Flowers

You need to dry the flowers first. So, start preserving the bouquets you get. All types of flowers can be dried and some flowers are easier to dry but even then choose the right flowers for your vintage bouquet. It is good to go in for the fresh flowers that have just acquired their full-bloom. It is good not to use the flowers that have matured past their full bloom. 

Do not use wilted flowers as their petals are likely to fall and you would not be able to make bouquets out of them. You should use flowers with long and straight stems as they are easier to dry and tie.

Flowers With Low Moisture Content Are Always a Better Choice

Flowers with low moisture content like rosebuds, sunflowers, baby’s breath, hydrangea, etc. are easier to dry and can prove to be a better choice. Dried rose petals for romantic themed dried flowers bouquets are highly appreciated. You can choose carnations or peonies. They also have high moisture content and can be dried easily. 

Once Dried Gather Flowers Separate Them Into Filler, Focal, and Accents

Once you have dried the flowers, you should begin to separate them according to what you will choose as accents, focal and fillers. 

Remove All Leaves From The Base End of All Stems

All leaves should be removed from the base end of the stems and hold all the long stems upright. 

Start Arranging Them Sensibly

When you have all the dried flowers with you, you should start arranging them sensibly. The most noticeable and the most beautiful focal flowers should be the center of attraction so place them in the center followed by dry foliage or fillers. It is important not to hold the bouquet too tightly as it will limit what you can add to it further.

Add Accent Flowers to Them

There are certain flowers that can add to the beauty of a bouquet. You can choose them to enhance the over and all beauty of the bouquet. You can choose Orchids, celosia, baby’s breath that can make your dried flower bouquet look immensely beautiful. 

Adding accent flowers will also increase the length of the bouquet and make it look denser.

Tie Your Bouquet With a Twine

Once you are done with arranging all the dried flowers and foliage, you should tie the entire arrangement loosely with a twine. You should not tie it too tightly or too loosely because doing so will distort their natural shape. 

Fine-tune the Entire Bouquet

Cut stems of the bouquet evenly before wrapping them with beautiful paper and decorating the entire arrangement carefully. Do not cut the stems too short as it will ruin the entire beauty of the bouquet. Just make sure that the entire arrangement is looking coherent. If it is not cut down or removed the undesirable parts. To give it a finishing touch and make it look more attractive, you can add decorative ribbons. This will make the bouquet more presentable. So, the next time you receive congratulations flower delivery or have other flowers at home, just dry them and get a beautiful dried bouquet prepared!

Bottom Line

Flowers are always an adorable gift that satisfies both the receiver and sender. If you too want to give a beautiful dried flower bouquet to your near and dear ones, look no further and get the one prepared by hand. This will make them feel loved. If you want to congratulate someone special go in for congratulations flower delivery, get those flowers dried and prepare a beautiful bouquet. It is easy to express your love and care with flowers. So, let these flowers say what they always wanted to convey!

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