Video Monetization Guide to make Self-Revenue without YouTube

The video industry is booming. Today multiple content creators depend on videos to engage with their audience. 

One of the popular forms of earning via a video platform is YouTube. This platform made it easy for content owners to upload videos and exhibit the same to their growing community.

With the help of ads and multiple other aspects, content owners started to generate and enhance their video monetization models.

“But is this enough?”

Did you know there are other simple ways to earn revenue without YouTube? 

With the help of YouTube video monetization alternatives, content owners can monetize the video by own. How is this possible?

This blog covers everything you need to know about ways to make money without YouTube.

What Is The Purpose Of Video Monetization?

Video monetization helps content owners to generate revenue from their video library. 

Let’s understand this with an example:

How do popular YouTubers generate revenue from this platform?

With every video content uploaded to the likes, shares, etc. received, every action helps them generate revenue. Even subscriptions help them to earn revenue.

Understanding how video monetization works are important.

The purpose of making your video accessible to your audience is to tap a larger community whilst generating revenue from the same.

There are multiple video monetization models available such as ad-based, etc. But only some things will work in your business’s favour. 

Thus you need to understand the popular video monetization models available and which can work well for your type of video content.

What Are The Popular Monetization Strategies?

One of the main objectives of using a monetization strategy is to drive higher revenue. By enhancing your current actions, you will be able to achieve this. Let’s understand more about this below:

1. Create valuable video content

The best way to capture any attention from your users is to give them value back. You are driving a business from your video content. This means you must create unique content that appeals to your audience. 

One of the popular Youtuber strategies to conduct this action is to:

  • Create interesting and creative ideas
  • Rework how you wish to execute the video content
  • Continue making changes, etc.

When you offer more valuable content, it is most likely that your target audience will come back for more.

2. Personalise the experience

Only some of your users are the same. Personalising each service is always better.

For instance, YouTubers always share similar videos when a user is accessing some form of content. 

The best way to personalise the experience is to share more liked and highly streamed content. When your users know they are valued and considered well, they are bound to invest back in you. 

3. Increase video engagement

The next tip you need to keep in mind is to increase the rate of video engagement. The best way to do this is to create video topics to which the current audience can relate. When they do, there is more room for shares and likes.

On YouTube, multiple content owners conduct a series of topics so that users can get engaged for that time period. While creating good content is important, it is also necessary to create the right content. 

4. List your USPs

The competition is getting fierce. Multiple video content owners in the market are out-scaling the old ones. The best way to differentiate yourself is to list the top qualities that make them want to choose you over the crowd. This could include multiple factors, such as:

  • Timely content uploads
  • Good content
  • Personalised experience
  • Better user engagement, etc.

5. Get the stats

Having sound knowledge about your platform performance is important. The numbers can help you enhance your platform and eliminate actions that need to be fixed. Good analytics can help you work on your video monetization strategies and help you find ways to create own membership channel. 

6. Learn where to drive more revenue

Lastly, apart from the above, having a good knowledge of what video monetization works for you is important. As stated earlier, you need to find sections in your platform which you can use to drive revenue. For instance, on Youtube, here is how revenue is generated:

  • Selling merchandise
  • Offering premium access to content
  • Ads-based earning, etc.

Why Should You Consider Self-Video Monetization Tips?

“Youtube is a great platform but is it enough?”

With YouTube, you need to have a set number of views to start generating revenue, which can take time.

YouTube lets you upload videos, but isn’t it better if you could have your own space?

Multiple other tools are available that help you drive revenue and offer your users a better video content space. From uploading your video to monetising them and even marketing, these tools are a helpful asset to video content owners who wish to get started here.

Top 3 Tips To Earn Money Without YouTube

1. Invest in a video monetization platform

Investing in a reliable video monetization platform is the best way to increase your revenue. These platforms are aware of how they can help video content owners to upscale at a quicker rate. They offer many features, such as personalising your channel with your logo, various membership options and much more.

2. Make use of video monetization models

When it comes to earning from the video content, there is a range of video monetization models which you can make use of, such as:

  • SVOD– users will subscribe to your platform for a set fee for the time period chosen
  • TVOD– users can access any content on a one-time fee basis
  • AVOD– Video content owners can place ads on their videos and earn from there
  • Premium– users can access exclusive content by paying an additional fee

3. Market Better

Lastly, marketing your channel can help you drive better revenue. It would help if you used a good marketing strategy so that users are aware of your brand and the value offered.

Types Of Monetization Models

There are many ways to drive revenue to your platform, the popular ones are:

  • Earning via ads
  • Engaging with relevant sponsors
  • Receiving donations from your viewers
  • Earning via affiliate marketing, etc.

What Is The Best Youtube Membership Alternative?

The best way is to create your own membership platform, which is possible with tools such as GUDSHO.

While YouTube is great, when it comes to driving more revenue, GUDSHO does a good job.

Unlike YouTube, where you can just upload your video, GUDSHO lets you add your logo to personalise your users’ video experience.

The top reasons why GUDSHO proves to be a better alternative to YouTube are:

  • Ability to create your channel instantly
  • Offers various membership revenue models
  • Set up your platform within minutes
  • Conduct a bulk upload
  • Have a proper video schedule to engage with users at their perfect time
  • Embed videos anywhere
  • Lets your users access special streaming and have watch lists, etc. These small features are exactly what makes GUDSHO a better youtube alternative platform


The competition in the video streaming market is growing.

It is better for video content owners to create a revenue-driven platform to engage better. 

As seen above, while YouTube is great to get started, GUDSHO proves to be the best YouTube alternative.

So, tell us, when do you plan to get started with this Self-revenue guide with branded platform?

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