Custom Cosmetic Boxes

There are various custom cosmetic boxes available in the market which you can purchase for your  products.

It is the outer packaging of the  boxes which represent your brand. There are packaging firms that are working hard to produce innovative boxes to show off your products elegantly.

Whether you have to encase lipsticks, eyeliner, eyeshadows, etc. just grab outstanding custom packaging to encase your products right away.

If you are lacking in the design part then read the following tips to have outstanding boxes:

Go for adding designs on the Lipstick Boxes

Just the kraft box packaging will look exhausting, however adding some sort of illustration on the cases will make it intriguing. You can just include the flavor representation on the lipstick boxes.

For example, if you are offering lip shades in watermelon, banana, mint, or orange flavor, basically add the excellent illustration of the organic product on the custom lipstick boxes.

Also, you can add the elements depending on the size of the packaging. It completely relies upon your feature’s necessities. Since for the little lip shades, the large lipstick boxes won’t ever look decent.

Add Elegant Features

There are elegant features available in the market which you can avail of for your  packaging boxes. While designing the adornments for the boxes you can add the beads flawlessly on the external side of the box. And at the internal side of the box add the metallic coating effect.

So, by adding this coating effect on the two-piece boxes you can get the maximum limelight on the racks.

Custom Cosmetic Boxes

Create True Tone Boxes

You can introduce the packaging precisely by the graphical artistic styles done on the external part of the custom box packaging. How to do this? If you are offering fragrances inside the boxes, add the whole usage of the product by creating an interesting outlook.

You can add vivid and fun style to the box packaging. 

Boxes with Handles

Sometimes it gets heavier to carry the cosmetics. Thus, you can make your boxes look remarkable and creative by offering the users the handles. The handles are ideal to advantageously hold the boxes.

The handles can be in any tone as indicated by your decision. You can add the handles in different structures. To plan the best one, you can portray out the handle on photoshop then after the drawing executes it on the custom boxes.

Silk Boxes

The silk boxes look inconceivably good for the gift boxes for various occasions. Individuals love to gift things in silk rigid boxes to their friends and family.

You can offer various products such as highlighters, bronzers, eyeliners, lipsticks within these rigid material silk boxes. These are best as the PR boxes as well. You can simply send this silk cloth PR box to the influencers for good feedback on your products.


The custom eyeshadow boxes will look amazing. How you can make the alluring one? To plan the alluring eyeshadow boxes, you can add ingredients on the front side of the box.

For example, assuming your eyeshadow contains pigments, hyaluronic acid, zinc oxide, and so forth. You can basically show all these ingredients in a delightful manner on the front side of the box through infographics.

If you don’t like to add the ingredients like this, then you can list these at the back side of the boxes as well. However, it would be a great idea to showcase your boxes on the  racks.

Custom Cosmetic Boxes

Cream Boxes

Without the moisture product in the  make up range, the shelves will look really dull and boring.

However, if you are producing elegant creams or moisturizers, you can wall them inside the sleeve box style. The sleeve style box will make your brand unimaginably renowned on the grounds that individuals love to buy such inventive custom  packaging.

It is the outer packaging of the box which matters. So, create boxes elegantly as initially, onlookers are only able to see the outer packaging of the box. So, hit their mind with elegant packaging.

For, example assuming that you are planning the Valentine cream boxes, you can pick the neutral pink and white shading theme blend. For the design pick the white-spotted print imprints on the elegant pink tone, following it with the PVC window feature and a circular shape tag to be put on the left side of the box. On the tag, you can compose Valentine’s day quotes.

Through the addition of the PVC window, individuals will actually want to see the outstanding products placed inside the box.

Furthermore, with the assistance of the tag implementation on the  cosmetic packaging boxes the customers don’t have to buy a new tag to paste on the packaging.

Consequently, it will save their time and they will love to buy your boxes.


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