We Found a Problem With Some Content in Excel Do You Want to Recover?

Even though being the most popular application, MS Excel still occurs errors. One of the common errors that users face is “we found a problem with some content in excel”. However, there is a saying, every problem has its solution. So does, modern problems have modern solutions.

Hence, today, we are here to help you to find out the solutions to fix this Excel error. Read this entire article till the end. But, before going further to the solution let’s keep an eye on some user queries.

Hey, I am Vibhu. Although I am using MS Excel since childhood but never faced any issues. But a day before yesterday, I got an issue. The Excel started showing we found a problem with some content in excel do you want to recover prompt messages again and again. However, I tried to fix it. But nothing helped, can anyone out there help me and tell me how to fix it. I will be really grateful.

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How to Fix We Found a Problem With Some Content in Excel Error?

To fix it, we will be discussing the different and useful techniques in this article –

  1. Repair MS Excel File
  2. Set Calculation Option in Excel
  3. Make a Copy of Excel Workbook
  4. Conjugate to the Damage Excel File
  5. Automated Proficient Strategy

Fix the Error by Repairing MS Excel File

So, using the in-built feature of the MS Office, you can repair the damaged Excel file. Although this attribute function can only resolve minor errors in the Excel file. To use this method to repair, follow the steps given below –

  1. Initially, open the MS Excel application. Just after this, navigate to the File tab and choose Open
  2. Now, in the Open dialog box, browse the folders where the damaged file has been saved
  3. Afterwards, select the damaged Excel file, then from the drop-down option of the Open option. From that, select the Open and Repair button

When you do this, it will start repairing the file having errors. But, if it failed, you can still choose the Extract Data given an option. But for your information, it will only extract formulas.

Set Calculation Option to Manual in MS Excel

If the above-stated manual workaround does not work. Then, you can try to fix it by setting the automatic calculation option into a manual one. Due to this change, the Excel workbook will not be recalculated and it can open MS Excel 2013, 2016, 2019. Hence, to perform this manual operation, follow the steps-

  1. Open MS Excel and mouse-click on the File option
  2. Now, tap the New icon and choose Blank Workbook of the Excel
  3. After successfully opening it, just click on the File > Options given option
  4. When the Excel Options dialog box appears, here, pick the Formulas option. Choose the Manual option in the Workbook Calculation options and tap OK
  5. Just after doing this, tap the File option then pick Open. Go to the location of the damaged Excel workbook
  6. Here, select the file, and open it by clicking the Open icon. The file must be open in MS Excel. If the workbook opens, just check all the data content if it is correct or not.

Make Duplicate to Fix We Found a Problem With Some Content in Excel Error

The third way that you can try is by creating a copy of Excel workbook content simply. Mostly Excel files show “We found a problem with some content in Excel (Excel_filename) do you want us to try to recover as much as we can? If you trust the source of this workbook, then click the Yes issue. Therefore, in this method, you can open the file having errors in read-only mode. Then, you can transfer or copy its content into another MS Excel Workbook.

  1. Initially, launch the MS Excel 2013, then open the damaged Excel file in Read-only mode
  2. Now, mouse-click CTRL + A then press CTRL + C keys to select and copy all the content in Excel
  3. Once you’re done with the duplicate content. Then, just open a blank Workbook. Afterwards, press the CTRL + V keys to paste the copied data into a new Excel file
  4. At last, just save this new file at any location path.

Conjugate to the Damage MS Excel File

To fix we found a problem with some content in Excel error, here you require to use the external references to conjugate to the damaged Excel Workbook. Then, you can repair the Excel file content. However, it won’t fix the formula or calculated values.

  1. Initially, Open Excel 2013, 2016, 2019 applications, navigate to the File > Open option
  2. Then, choose the damaged file. Right-click on it, and tag the Copy option
  3. Navigate to File > New > Blank Workbook Excel File
  4. When it opens, just type =Filename!A1 in cell A!. (Here, Filename indicates the name of the damaged MS Excel file)
  5. When you do this, the Update Values dialog box will appear on the screen. You have to select the damaged XLSX file and hit the OK button to proceed further
  6. Then, handpick on the appropriate sheet in the Select Sheet box. Click OK
  7. Now, select cell A1 and then just mouse-click Home > Copy option
  8. Pick the same cell range in the new MS Excel Worksheet as it is in the damaged Excel file. After doing this, start selection from cell A1. Click on File >> Paste
  9. Keep this same range of cells selection, then, click on the Home menu option >> Copy
  10. Lastly, hit it off the Home > Paste option >> Values.

However, it will keep the content of the damaged MS Excel file but will remove the link to the damaged workbook. Also, for your information, the recovered Excel data will not contain any formulas or calculated values in its data.

Fix We Found a Problem with Some Content in Excel Error Proficiently

At the time of the failure of the above manual methods, we would recommend you to go for the professionally tested SYSDaddy Excel File Recovery Tool. This program is capable to fix this error within simple steps. It can easily remove all types of errors regardless of the reasons for the corruption in excel files.

Moreover, it is the most trusted solution by most users like you out there. It is a trusted application because it is tested by technical experts. So, it is very convenient to operate this tool because of its simple graphic interface. Likewise, it works with all the versions of MS Excel that is 2013, 2016, 2019, and all previous versions.

Or if you want to try this program before going for its license one. Then, there is an availability of the free demo version.

Instant Guidelines to Fix the Excel File Error

First of all, you have to download the software on your computer from its official page. Then, following the given steps to fix we found a problem with some content in excel error instantly-

    1. In the initial step, tap on the Add File or Search File given option

add excel file or search

    1. Then in the second step, Preview the Excel workbook with the entire data

we found a problem with some content in excel

    1. Eventually, click on the Save button to save the recovered Excel file at any location on your computer.

we found a problem with some content in excel

We Found a Problem With Some Content in Excel – Conclusion

Here, in this tutorial, we have discussed how to fix we found a problem with some content in excel 2013, 2016, 2019 error. To resolve the said error, we have explained a few workarounds. A few of them were the manual methods that you can try to fix Excel errors. However, none of the manual techniques is much feasible. That’s why we suggest you to choose the SYSDaddy Software to get rid of this Excel error in the content. Hence, opt this automated program and you will be good to go with an error-free Excel file.

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