Wear Gemstone Jewellery To Reduce Stress, Boost Immunity With A Few Rules

Women have a great love for jewellery. Generally women are fond of buying and wearing different types of jewellery. But most of the custom jewelery is very expensive and therefore, if they are not taken care of properly, then their shine fades. Then he doesn’t feel like wearing them. On the other hand, due to being expensive, they are either kept in the locker or they need to be polished before use. Living in today’s modern era, stress and pressure have become an inevitable part of our lives. It is always challenging to balance our lives with demanding jobs and mental peace. There are various ways to deal with your everyday stress, be it spa or maybe a movie with the family. But these methods are temporary, and what you need is a permanent solution to calm your mind. 

Wearing gemstones is one good way to build that positive aura around you and pacify your mind. The therapeutic stone, touching your skin brings that much-needed peace and tranquillity. Long-term anxiety or depression can be cured with these gemstones. Wearing the perfect gemstone for a long time helps to build a perfect balance of mind and soul. However, you cannot wear any of the gemstones you like and there are of course a few rules which you need to follow below to buy the perfect one for you. 

Below are some tips, types of gems, their effects, and rules by jewellery manufacturers in uk for you to follow up before buying a gemstone:

1) Carnelian: 

A semi-precious gemstone, it helps to smoothen up your mind and soul and brings that much-needed positive energy inside you. It balances your hormone and controls mood swings. Carnelian reduces anxiety, stress, and pressure and balances heart and soul. It uplifts mood and brings mental clarity to mind about your life decisions. You will have balanced emotions and thoughts, along with the feeling of being positive and optimistic. The vital and dazzling orange color even brightens up your eyes which eventually instills confidence in your heart too. 

2) Amethyst: 

A semi-precious gemstone, which can be cut into many shapes and sizes is a perfect balance between beauty and utility. It helps to bring in luck, peace, and happiness. The gemstone nourishes your inner self and brings in much-needed confidence. At times of despair, when a person loses his long acquired wisdom, this gemstone helps to reduce the effect of bad energy and restore the lost wisdom and stability. It even embraces you spiritually and makes you emotionally fuller and stable.

 3) Lepidolite stone: 

This purple-colored gemstone looks gorgeous with a necklace and bracelet and is perfect for balancing mood swings and increasing immunity. It is made up of lithium and when the gem is touched to skin, the properties of the stone get inside through the pores and work marvelously. Apart from handling anxiety, this gemstone can also be rubbed at joints or any part of the body to reduce pain.

 4) Hypersthene stone: 

This blackish-grey gemstone, is used to treat anxiety, depression, mood swings, and sickness. It even helps to restore the lost self-esteem and confidence in a person. It creates a feeling of calmness and gives a shield to the person against despair. The healing properties of the stone are magical and the right usage of it for a long time can help to reduce anger, frustration, and bad luck.

5) Amazonite stone: 

Amazonite stone is perfect for those who want to calm their voice and reduce its trembling effect. The trembling effect is usually a result of a lack of confidence, uncertainty, confusion, or stress. The stone helps to clarify the mind and brings confidence in a person. Energy in a person is balanced and progresses toward a healthier life. Hypertension and chaos in the mind reduce and a person eventually embraces his existence and stands up with full courage and dexterity.

 6) Green Rutilated Quartz: 

This green semi-precious gemstone having high shine and luster, is used to treat blood pressure and panic attacks. The aura around a person eventually increases and a person develops positive energy. He feels confident and calm after wearing this gemstone. The soothing properties of this gemstone reduce the bad effect of the pervading world and help a person to fight against any negative energy around him.

 7) Amber: 

An organic semi-precious stone, made up of hardened resin and secretions of insects, amber helps to reduce stress and headaches. The gemstone gets charged when rubbed which further helps to charge up your body even with positive energy. Amber is a perfect balance of beauty and goodness. It helps to reduce stress, lifts mood, and eliminates pain from the body. The natural ingredients with which it is made make it unique and its touch on the skin for a perfectly long time brings the required tranquillity in a person’s life.

 8) Aquamarine stone: 

The blue-colored gemstone looks gorgeous and brings in the royal look in the overall outfit. Besides completing the overall look of the person and adding elegance, the gemstone is a source of good luck and happiness. This ancient gemstone is believed to cure many health issues, like dental problems, digestive issues, or immunity-related errors. It charges up a person, cures his imperfections, and eventually makes a person feel happier and comforted. The gemstone brings in the required zest and energy to work and lifts mood. It is even believed that it reduces the fear of water of a person.

 9) Garnet:

The most common color of garnet is red, though it comes in various colors and sizes. The beautiful eye-sparkling garnet is a perfect source for balancing energy and keeping at bay, evils from your aura. It helps to correct energy deficiency in a person, boosts immunity, and reduces pain and anxiety.

 10) Moonstone gemstone: 

One of the most ancient gemstones across the world, moonstone comes in white color and looks beautiful as bracelets. The little bluish sheen it has gives that elegant and sophisticated look. This gemstone was used in earlier times as a talisman to cure the bad effects of evil. It especially protects women against diseases and improves their health. It even reduces anxiety and stress and brings the necessary strength. The balance of energy is restored and a person feels creative and confident after wearing moonstone. It is even believed that it catches energy from the moon and transfers it into a person’s body through the touch of the skin. 

Gemstones can become bliss for a person wearing it as it looks elegant and even has medicinal properties. From boosting your metabolism, decreasing stress to curing digestion, a gemstone can be used to cure many such pains and bodily issues. But a basic rule which needs to keep in mind before buying a gemstone: Know the properties of it, otherwise it could sometimes lead to unfortunate effects. Moreover, make sure that the gemstone is touching your skin. Try to keep it close to your heart to have the maximum benefits. However, bracelets would also do. Earrings are never advisable as the gemstone doesn’t touch the skin.


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