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Websites have become such a crucial part of building a business these days. All information related to a brand, a product, or any kind of service is provided on the website. Websites have also now turn into a platform to make payments for the product or service. All in all, they are extremely important for any business, and thus how they are built is equally important. But how are these websites make? This is where web designers come. 

What is Web Designing? 

Every website first needs a framework, a style, an idea of how it is suppose to look like. And this designing of the framework is done a web designer, hence web designer. In simple words, web designing is the process of making a website look good. The web designer’s work is to make the website look appealing, attractive, and user friendly as well. So the main responsibility or work of a web designer is focused around the overall style and feel of the website according to its niche and the target audience. Web designers use different software to make these designs, like Figma, Adobe Photoshop, Coral Draw, et cetera. 

Web Designing and Graphic Designing are Different? 

It have seen very often that people get confused over these 3 concepts/processes of Web designing, Web development, and Graphic Designing. But we would like to make it clear that all of these 3 are different and one should not be used in place of the other. Web designing has explaine above. Now how is Graphic Designing different from Web designing when both are focus on designing? Well for starters, let’s look at what is Graphic Designing. Graphic designing focuses on making graphics (must be clear from the term itself), also illustrations and merging typography with photos.

Earlier graphic designers mostly used to work on print designs and logos for brochures, books, and magazines. But with time, they have evolved too and now graphic designers work on digital assets for email and web as well. Now how is graphic designing different from web designing? Web designing is actually more dynamic, whereas graphic designing is permanent.

For instance, when a book cover is design and once print, no changes can make, but that’s not the case for web designing. Changes in a website’s design can make whenever desire. Similarly, web designing is interactive, whereas graphic designing is actually static. People can interact through a website by make a comment, or clicking on an image, but that’s not the case in graphic designing. You can see a graphic, touch it too, but your touching it won’t make any changes into it.  

Types of web designers 

There are actually 3 kinds of website designers:

  • User Experience Designer:  User Experience or popularly known as UX is aim at making a website as user-friendly and user Oriente as it might be possible. The complete focus revolves around giving the user an authentic and exquisite response by the website. The user inputs are caterer by the UX Designers to develop more and more reliable and interactive websites. The UX Designers go through a lot of surveys and polls to know how a user feels about a certain aspect of the website and what changes can make from the previous or present layout of the website.
  • User Interface Designer: User Interface or UI is focusing on typography, graphics, art, illustrations to give the website a more homely touch. The interface plays a key role in giving the website uniqueness and structure . That will differentiate it from the rest so it have pay utmost attention. The ability of a website to adjust itself according to the screen sizes from that of a laptop to mobile is also check by the UI designers. Generally, the UI includes navigational components such as icons, search bars, tags; input controls which help in taking input from user like buttons, data field, checkboxes, drop down menus and informational components. Which include message boxes , display slides, notifications etc. UI Designers have to be precise in designing a website and put special focus on placing the relevant components at the right place otherwise it may give a bad impact on the user about the website.
  • Visual Designer: They are the final kind of web designers. Their primary objective is to make the website more lucrative. And appealing so as to attract as many users as it could. This includes a lot of mix of accurate graphic designing and the user interface. In short, a visual designer’s job is to make the website look good.

Website Design Company

The whole process of designing a website can very hectic and nerve-wracking, thus, there are many Website Design Company in India that can help out the businesses by providing different designing services. Matebiz, the best web design company in India have a team of professionals, who have been working in the same profession for years, and thus have a lot of experience. With this experience, they can help and guide the companies at each step. 

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