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What All The Best Methods For Possums Control?

Most people love animals but there are some animals you want to keep away from your home. Possums are one of the common pests in your home. No one wants to live with possums as they have some undesirable characteristics. Possums can cause a lot of damage to your home. Also, they can damage the rooftop and keep you awake the whole night with their scratching. 

Possums may look cute and safe but they can become real trouble when they enter your home. They can cause some health issues to your family and pets. Usually, these pests spread diseases from their urine and dung. Therefore, to avoid health issues it’s important to ask pest control Cleveland for possum removal. They will help you to live a healthily and risk free life.  

What is the life process of Possum?

Possums are similar to kangaroos that they bring their offspring in pockets. These kinds of animals are known as marsupials. A possum has a 17 days development period after which they gave birth to one offspring. Usually, The normal breeding period of a possum is between the May and June months. A possum weighs 2 grams and measures about 1.5cm. Even with its tiny size, a newborn possum can easily climb inside its mother’s pocket without help. After reaching the pocket the newborn attaches to the teat and starts feeding. 

The sensitive possum will stay inside the pocket for 5 months till it develops. After this time, the adult possum shifts to the mother’s back and stays there for 2 months. After 7 months of dependence, the immature possum can live independently now. It will be fully mature in 10 months. However, Female possums begin to breed as initial as twelve months. 

How to get rid off of possums?

Possums become a headache when they enter your place. However, there are various ways to keep possums away from your place. Let us discuss about the practices to keep possums away from your home:

  • Inspection at your home:

Always call experts to inspect your place for pest control. They can help you to get rid off of possums easily. Pest Control Cleveland experts are well known for their quality services and experience. These experts easily find the way through which possums enter and seal the entry points using wire mesh. Also, they remove the things which fascinate the possums.

  • Put food items aside:

You should make sure that you are storing food items away from easily reachable places. Also, it will help you out to keep possums away. Open garbage and bins attract the possums and allow possums to search for food in bins and garbage. So it is better to keep a check in your bins and store the garbage safely.

  • Use pest repellents:

Another way to keep possums away is by using repellents at your home. Quassia chips are used to remove possums and are very effective. This repellent silently attracts possums and kills them.

  • Cut off the branches close to your roof:

Possums love to hang out and roam around the branches of the trees. They can easily climb up-to 50ft in height. So it is better to cut off branches to eliminate their way to enter your home. This activity is being done by experts only to keep possums away from your home.

Why you should not consider poisoning for possum control?

You should only consider a harmless way to control possum in your premises. This is because poisoning can harm other untargeted animals. So, it may seem like a good permanent solution however, it can be more harmful than useful.

It’s better to use only non lethal possum control methods to eliminate these annoying pests from your place. 

Final Words: 

Maintaining your home free from possums is a tough task in starting but it gets simple when you ask for professional help. The experts of pest control Cleveland have proper knowledge regarding possum control. They will guide you about the right possum control treatment. 

Have possum problems in your home? Don’t have any idea about what to do and what not to do. However, Stop wasting your time in thinking, just call an expert and get the best possum control solution. The professional will help you out in every manner ensuring the best services.  

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