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What Are The Five Marketing Concepts?

The marketing concept in business philosophy gives an idea about what brands should analyze and what the potential customers need. The plan should optimize their efforts in a way that is satisfying to the customers. The marketing department of the business is responsible for making customers happy.

In these times, marketing is responsible for digital marketing services because it’s an online world where everything is happening on online platforms. Let us take you through the five marketing concepts one by one.

Production concept 

The production concept is the most operation-oriented. It speaks about humans and what products they prefer, especially those that are readily available and inexpensive. The basic idea is that businesses want to produce widely cheap products in maximum value to achieve their profitability scales. Companies assume that the primary interest of consumers is product availability and low prices. Usually, this approach is taken by many businesses while operating in high-growth markets where the potential economies of scale are significant for companies. 

The product concepts 

This focuses more on consumers because companies have to make good products while offering high quality. The focus is on innovating products with different features and high performances. It believes in a potential customer, and harder brand loyalty is closely related to the options and products and the quality of available products. One of the most prominent examples of this could be the Apple product since customers have particular brand loyalty. 

The selling concepts 

This is the bread and butter of marketing, and they believe that people won’t buy enough of a business product, so businesses need to persuade consumers into purchasing the product. This is what every marketer in today’s world is doing. They’re finding ways to sell their product to the customer through aggressive advertising and promoting their products so that people can buy them. Businesses that use this marketing concept have to be good at finding potential customers and selling them for the product’s benefits, not on their needs.

The marketing concepts 

The marketing concept is more like a concept that has increased competition in the market. It believes that the business’s success depends upon the marketing efforts that are towards delivering better value and proposition than its competitors to the consumers. Therefore, it focuses on the target audience’s needs and offers them value better than the competitors. Usually, every marketer focuses their business strategy based on this concept since it is beneficial for all businesses.

The societal marketing concepts    

Social Media is one of the most advanced and modern marketing concepts that are available. It believes that all businesses should do something to give back to society. SMM concepts would be better products and some benefits that make this world a better place.

There are already problems in this society, and businesses are finding ways to fix them while promoting their products and services. The best example would be the recycling concept by coke which is helping people to recycle plastic more.

Companies were facing excess generation capacity & competition for clients. They started understanding that customers will favor well-made products & are willing to pay more for product extras, & the product concept started taking place in many producers’ minds.

The product theory assumes that consumers will favor superior products in quality, performance, innovative features, designs, etc.

This marketing concept is thought to have been simple: he who offered a standard product at the lowest price would win. A firm pursuing this philosophy tries to improve its quality, performance, and any other perceptible feature.

Followers of product concept philosophy keep on improving their products continuously.

Advocates of this theory think that consumers favor well-made products, superior to the competing products in the aspects mentioned above.

Many of the product-oriented firms often design their products taking little or no suggestions from their target customers.

They believe that product design or improvement aspects are better understood by their engineers or designers than the customers.

They also do not compare their products with competitors’ products to bring changes in their products.

A general motors executive said years ago:” How can the public know what kind of car they want until they see what is available?”

Here engineers first design and develop the product, the manufacturing makes it, the finance department prices it, finally, marketing and sales try to sell it or check it SEO company.

Marketers still hold concepts, which influences some that they even forget that the market is going in another direction. Unfortunately, marketing has very little room for this concept.

The main emphasis here is on the product. Therefore, it is understood that in the product concept, the management fails to identify what business it is in, which leads to the marketing myopia – i.e., short-sightedness on the role of marketing.

Product Concept example:-

For example, suppose a company makes the best quality Floppy disk. But a customer does need a floppy disk?

Logitech makes very high-quality computer products such as keyboards, mice, and webcams. These high-quality products are priced higher, but people still buy, and they get almost free advertisements from independent free reviews.

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