What are the Impacts of Weight on Fertility in Women/men?

In reality, body weight plays a vital role in getting pregnant and reducing fertility problems. Nowadays, it is so difficult to maintain health due to unhealthy foods, the pressure of work, stress, etc. Being overweight or underweight can increase several problems inside the body. In comparison to being underweight, being overweight is so dangerous for human beings. As per a recent study, obesity is the root cause of several health problems like heart attack, blood sugar, blood pressure, kidney failure, low testosterone, etc. 

Among the other health problems, excess weight also reduces the level of fertility in both males and females. However, being overweight and underweight both have negative impacts on fertility. If the woman is going to conceive a baby, it is essential to maintain a healthy body weight. In other words, a healthy body weight always leads to a higher chance of getting pregnant. Let’s find out how weight affects fertility in men and women!

Ideal Weight to Conceive a Baby

Usually, ideal weight completely depends upon your height. Based on your height and weight, a BMI (body mass index) number has been created. In other words, this BMI number tells an individual the accurate weight as per the height. As per the BMI range:

  • Between 18.5 and 24.9 is known as a healthy range of BMI.
  • If the BMI range of adults is between 25 and 29, it means they are overweight.
  • On the other hand, if the BMI range is above 30, it is considered obesity. However, one can easily recognize the BMI with the help of the BMI tool.

How Overweight Affects Fertility in Women?

Being overweight is not a good sign for both men and women. Usually, excess weight can ruin the dream, life, and expectation of women. Also, women have to experience several health problems (including fertility) due to excess weight. Being overweight can easily affect women’s fertility by causing:

  • Imbalance of hormones: – Due to excess weight, hormones start to an imbalance in the body of women. Hormonal imbalances are known as barriers to getting pregnant easily. Through the imbalance of hormones, several kinds of health problems can occur inside the body.
  • Ovulation disorders: – It is one of the most critical conditions in women. As per the infertility specialist, obesity is the main reason behind ovulation dysfunction. During ovulation disorders, there may be problems while releasing eggs from the ovaries of women.
  • Menstrual problems: – Being overweight is not safe and healthy for everyone. Most of the women may also have to experience problems with menstrual cycles. Irregular periods, missing periods, heavy bleeding or spotting are the symptoms of menstrual disorders.
  • Problems with assisted reproduction: – In the whole world, IVF (in-vitro fertilization), ICSI (intracytoplasmic sperm injection), and ovulation induction are the popular ART methods. But, you may have to face some complications with these methods due to obesity. 
  • PCOS (polycystic ovary syndrome): – It is a normal reason for low fertility in women. Thus, being overweight is the major cause of PCOS. Also, there are no treatments available for PCOS.

How Overweight Affects Fertility in men?

Along with women, men also have to experience different types of fertility problems. Being obese or overweight, men can lose their fertility which is not a good sign. Being overweight can affect male’s infertility through the following factors:

  • Problems with hormones: – Similarly, men also have to face hormonal problems due to obesity. Hormonal problems are the major and primary issues because of excess weight. 
  • Erection problems: – In men, erection plays an important role during intercourse. But, obesity can reduce the erection power in men. In this way, men can’t make their female partners pregnant.
  • Other health problems: – Apart from other issues, there are several health problems linked to the overweight. However, poor quality and quantity of sperm, low sperm count, low stamina, etc are the other causes due to obesity. It is so important to maintain a healthy weight to increase sperm count, quantity, and quality. Reducing weight is the toughest task nowadays for men and women. 

How does Underweight Affect Fertility?

Apart from obesity, being underweight is also not good for fertility. According to the BMI range, if the body weight is under 18.5, it can decrease fertility in women. Women and men both have to face hormonal imbalances, ovulation disorders, and fewer chances of getting pregnant. As per the study, underweight women may take more than one year to get pregnant compared to those women who have a healthy weight. If any women/men are underweight, it is essential to ask a doctor and dietician before planning for a baby.

Last Words

Both underweight and overweight are not suitable for the health of individuals. Human beings should maintain healthy body weight to prevent several health disorders. Experts also claim that a healthy woman can conceive a baby easily with less complications. On the other hand, men can also enjoy a happy married life with healthy body weight.


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