What Feature Should a Cosmetic Box Hold?

With the increase in demand, many suppliers have introduced their products in the market. Now, every item would have different characteristics, ingredients, and effects on the skin. And to represent their product, they need unique packaging. Packaging could either represent the product professionally or incompetently. It tells the customer what the product is about and how it got manufactured. It all depends on how the manufacturer displayed information on the box. Therefore, branding plays a vital role in these modern days. The more professional and elegant your case appears, the easier you could attract a client.

Role of Cosmetic Boxes for Makeup Brands!

Meanwhile, when you see a box with messed-up packaging, you do not even bother to examine the product. And that is the reason why every day we ignore dozens of products. But if the packaging succeeds in attracting us, we purchase the item right away. Have you noticed that during shopping, we get attracted to most products placed on the shelf? The reason is their creative branding and unique packaging style. So now the question is, what type of box should we use for our cosmetic business? And what feature should the case hold? So first, let us discuss everything you need about cosmetic boxes.

Sturdier Cosmetic box Material and Shapes:

Cosmetics are known for their fragile nature. A minor inconvenience happens, the product goes out of shape. And that is the reason why a sturdy box is a necessity in the cosmetic industry. Several packaging materials are getting used, such as kraft, paperboard, cardboard, or corrugated packaging. But how do we know which one is best for which product? Let us discuss that briefly.

  • Cosmetic lip products often require paperboard packaging. Paperboard packaging is quite sturdy and can withstand pressure keeping the product safe.
  • Kraft packaging boxes often get used for products like eye shadows and foundations. Custom-made kraft packaging boxes are organic, sturdier, and customizable. They secure the item from every harm during shipping.
  • Luxurious cosmetics packaging boxes often get manufactured with rigid material. A product weighs to be fancy if its packaging box says so. And that is the reason why expensive products require sturdier packaging. Rigid boxes are considered to be sturdier than cardboard and are 100% organic.

Cost-effective and light-weight:

A packaging box must always be lightweight, so the seller does not have to pay extra charges. Meanwhile, Cosmetics boxes should also be cost-effective to increase the profit margin. One could never survive in the market if your expenses exceed the profit.

Customizable Cosmetic Packaging:

Without a customizable box, we could not possibly sell our products. How are we supposed to tell the customer what the product is about? Or to which brand the item belongs to if the boxes are non-customizable. Suppose we personalize our packaging nicely, but after some time, the paint starts to fade. Then where do the problems lie? The problem might lie in the material or the ink. So it is essential that we carefully choose the right packaging company. Each step of packaging is crucial for our business.

Impermeable and Durable :

Moisture and direct exposure to sunlight can easily ruin our makeup. But if the packaging boxes are of high quality, then our product can last longer. You must have noticed that most sellers require the users to place the product in cold places. The reason? A higher temperature can lessen the shelf life of the product. But if we use a high-quality firm packaging box, we could block out the moisture. And the packaging box could also last longer.

Should be overlapped with lamination:

When you decide to get yourself the custom-made packaging box, you would need to make some decisions. For example:

  1. the material you wish to use,
  2. the box dimensions and style,
  3. type of lamination you want to go with, and many more.

But what is lamination? Is it important?

Lamination is the process of overlapping the packaging material with the plastic film. The purpose of lamination is to make our packaging boxes more durable and guard the exterior. If a packaging box helps you protect the product, lamination secures the printed cosmetics boxes from moisture and stains. There are commonly two types of lamination that are receiving popularity all over the world. And they are gloss and matte lamination. Matte lamination does not reflect the light. It gives the packaging box a monotone vibe and makes it look more elegant. Most of the luxurious and expensive product packaging gets customized with such lamination.

Meanwhile, gloss lamination reflects the light furnishing the packaging box with a shiny and sleek look. In addition, such lamination makes the color appear more lively.

Use packaging inserts:

Several cosmetic products require excessive protection. Sometimes using only a sturdy box is not enough as the commodity could break from external pressure. For example, many brands sell foundations in glass containers. Meanwhile, many skincare products also have fragile product packaging. So then, in this case, what should be our strategy?

The only solution to this problem is to use packaging inserts. Cardboard inserts are pretty popular these days. But for cosmetics, foam inserts are gaining popularity. These organic foam inserts are spongier and secure the product professionally. These inserts are often getting used for a product like jewelry, cosmetics, expensive items, watches. So now, use inserts in your Cosmetics boxes to make your products appear luxurious.

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