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What is a Framework in Programming & Why You Should Use One?

A framework is a platform that provides guidelines for the development of applications, tools or products. They are usually provided to help save time when developing something new. Frameworks provide standard implementations for commonly used functions which can reduce duplication of code.

Framework vs Library

It is important not to confuse frameworks with libraries because they are two very different things in programming.

A framework is an intermediary between you and your product. You use it by tying in with parts of the framework. Rather than using one big module that does everything for you all at once. This gives you control over how your product works, but adds more work for you in the long run. Because every part of your program must interact correctly with other parts. That are also interacting with the rest of the framework.

A library is a collection of pre-written. Tested code that can be inserted into your program with minimal effort on your part. This reduces the amount of work you have to do. But limits how much control you have over all the little details in your product.

Frameworks vs Platforms

It is also important not to confuse frameworks with platforms because they are two very different things as well.

A platform provides an environment for applications to run on, whereas a framework provides implementations for commonly used functions so it saves time when developing something new .

Frameworks will help you create better apps faster and easier by providing standard ways of performing common tasks. The Framework essentially dictates how users interact with objects or other mobile application development. A platform, on the other hand. Base on which programs can be developed to run under a particular operating system or programming environment.

Writing your own frameworks

Using existing frameworks takes less time than writing your own from scratch. Because you will have to learn about each piece of the framework. How it interacts with other components within that framework first before even thinking about your program. It’s like building upon a house that someone else built for you instead of building one yourself from the ground.

For those who aren’t lazy though, writing their own frameworks may actually make more sense. Because not only will they have full control over every aspect of their product. But if they ever need any updates later down the line then they will have no problem making those changes themselves.

Why not use a pre-built framework?

You can save yourself time and money by using a pre-built framework rather than the custom one you would have to develop on your own. You also don’t end up having to learn how every part of the frameworks work and why they were built that way because someone else already did it for you.

However, unless you’re building small scale applications, it is unlikely that someone has already done this for your product as well so writing your own from scratch will be necessary anyway. But if one hasn’t been created yet then there’s no need to worry because now you know what a framework actually is so you can create your very own from scratch! Just keep in mind all the basic principles.

Programming Frameworks

Not all programming frameworks are just for programmers though, some are actually intended for designers as well. These types of frameworks allow users to create their own interfaces without having to write any code or even know how to program at all. This can be extremely helpful if you want your product to look unique and different from the rest since most people won’t bother with coding (since it involves too much work) but they will bother designing especially if they’re artists or creative types who like doing things by hand.

Frameworks can also come in handy when creating mobile apps according to this blog post on the subject .

So if you want to save yourself time and effort then looking into finding a framework that is best for your project would be helpful.

For more information, you can also check out these websites: Struts

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