What is an OTT Video Monetization: Comparing AVOD, SVOD, TVOD

The OTT acronym refers to over-the-top. This is known as streaming across multiple devices when needed, and it is made possible by “over-the-top.” A useful term that elaborates the new film and TV content delivery. Method over the web without the requirement of traditional broadcast, satellite, or cable pay-TV providers. Simply, we are referring to people making a payment to an internet provider to watch content on a video monetization platform like Netflix, without paying the cable TV charges. The monetized video meaning is very simply understood today.

A survey carried out in the USA between the first quarter of 2020 and the first quarter of 2021 proves that the subscriptions of OTT platforms for every individual increased from 0.7 to 1.03. There are more US SVoD services subscriptions than persons in the country. For Americans, there is more than a single reason which would make them leave a streaming service subscription. In 2020, a survey had shown that VIP treatment, ad-supported tiers, and exclusive hits were the most effective incentives to keep video streaming service subscribers. In the USA, 84% of Netflix users had also subscribed to Amazon Prime Video and a figure of above 50% were users of Hulu. 

OTT Video Monetization – What it Is

OTT video apps are the television and online streaming services future. A multi-billion dollar industry, it is producing a significant movement in the way people do content consumption. If you’re starting out with the online streaming business, OTT TV and mobile apps will play an important role in your business. 

Releasing an OTT video streaming app for mobile services and TV is one of the best and surest ways to expand your video website followers/audience. 

Monetizing OTT Video Content

What is video monetization? To begin monetizing OTT video content, you must first choose an online video platform that is equipped with the necessary monetization features.

Once the video monetization platform has been selected, the entire process becomes very simple. It just takes supporting the settings in the account options, customizing monetization also settings for every video, and including a payment option so you can gather your money easily.

OTT Video Monetization – Benefits

Modern-day consumers of content are swiftly moving away from the place, device, and time-based content sources like conventional linear and cable television. There is a tug pull war happening between traditional and OTT TV in India. But since the last few years owing to portable smart devices, streaming players, and SmartTVs like Chromecast or Roku, video content consumption and OTT platform monetization also has seen considerable growth. 

Revenue Push – OTT Revenue models or Create a subscription video platform services produce consistent income from every customer. They are linked to high revenue. As customers can pay an affordable amount to reach the whole content library, a lot of people favor these platforms. 

Supports Every Device – the OTT Video subscription platform model supports devices to serve free content to users with advertisements across many inventory platforms like mobile ecosystems, TV, and desktop. 

Audience Base Growth–These OTT video monetization platforms live streaming models are very popular also among households. A 2019 report has shown that up to 75% have an OTT subscription. 

OTT Platforms – How They Make Money

OTT streaming service and video monetization models have changed the game when it comes. A novel approach to gaining access to popular films and television shows. Online video monetization provided viewers a substitute to restrictive and costly satellite/cable options. They increased our overall imagination on the methods in which entertainment alos functions and generates revenue. So, are you thinking of the best way to monetize video content? As OTT became more popular, various types of OTT services grew successful throughout the market. In 2020, the selection of video and TV services has never been more varied. The manner in which these OTT platforms’ revenue models also work is equally varied. The different revenue models of OTT platforms are as follows:

AVOD or Ad-based Video on Demand – AVOD setups and businesses create revenue with ads. In such a model, users watch videos for free. The business then applies a fee to advertisers to position commercial ad breaks in content. Advertisements in the best AVOD vs SVOD platforms can appear in the form of sponsor screens, video ads, sponsored content, and so on.

SVOD or Subscription Video on Demand – In the SVOD business model or SVOD platform, businesses ask for a recurring fee for their video monetization platform access. Members who pay receive full access and can stream any quantity of video they like. SVOD first presented itself with services like Netflix and is regular in also dominating well-known OTT businesses in the present day.

TVOD or Transactional Video on Demand – This is the most simplest and straightforward model from the batch. In this model, customers purchase or rent videos one by one. TVOD is also known as PPD – pay per download – or PPV – pay per view.


The demand for content is pushing popular television networks to think of different methods to market and deliver. Service providers are also thinking of the also best way to monetize videos and how to monetize videos.  The primary TV channel networks are not leaving their broadcast streams.  They are pursuing the OTT or video monetization platforms audience with online streaming via platforms, apps, and more.

This works because a lot of people require content from website monetization platforms. And the fact is not really changing anytime soon. More people today are learning how to monetize video content. As per Cisco, online video from live stream monetization comprises more than 82%. The entire also user internet traffic – 15 times more than in 2017 – by the year 2022. Streaming monetization and video ad monetization are the future of OTT services. 

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