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What is hookah? An emerging Arab hookah brand

What is hookah? An emerging Arab hookah brand. The hookah has a long and multifaceted history. Also known by various names as hub-bubble, narcissus, glass or water pipe, hookah among other names has been used for centuries to experience mild tobacco smoking in Asia and the Middle East. Coming from India to the Middle East, hookah began as a humble coconut shell. In Turkey, it became a true hookah, which became the mainstay of coffee house life during the 17th century. 

WOYU- An emerging Arab hookah brand, with its stylish, luxurious personality design and delicate details process, to provide customers with more distinguished visual use enjoyment.

Shisha suppliers originated in India, are popular in the Middle East, and are manufactured in China. As the biggest consumed country all over the world, we are dedicated to creating a first-class Arab hookah brand to service Middle and high-end consumer groups. We do not only care for the shisha quality but also concentrate on different designs to customer’s demand.

WOYU logo is designed as the original shisha shape 800 years ago, which can mainly be reflected in our logo that follows the design philosophy of returning to the original to create the Woy brand. Shisha also means waterpipe, which has to use water. “WO ” in Chinese means watering and fertile, our “WO” is hoping this brand will take root in this fertile land in China. “YU ” in Chinese means up-down four directions, all space in the world. Our “YU ” means that our “WOYU” brand is going from domestic to the world, becoming stronger and bigger.

Our brand founder, Mr. Zhong Xingyu, liked Arab culture during his college.

After his graduation, he happened to know about the shisha from his Arabic friends and showed deep interest in it. In his investigation, shisha is a white space in domestic China. As the first batch of e-commerce people, he is keen to capture this business opportunity and use it as his first business plan.

With the persistence and mission of the product, Woyu has owned the most outstanding design team, the highly professional domestic sales department and foreign trade department, as well as the most dedicated after-sales service department.

In the future development, we adhere to the “customer first” purpose, with the “quality first, latest design, friendly cooperation” principle, to work together with domestic and foreign customers for common development. Let us create a wonderful tomorrow in the Shisha supplier industry!

What is hookah? An emerging Arab hookah brand
What is hookah? An emerging Arab hookah brand

WY-SN01 Skull-shaped glass vase led light snake hookah shisha

Material: resin+aluminum+glass

Color:     black

Height:     42cm

Weight: 7kg

Package: foam+carton

Place Of Origin: Guangzhou, China

Payment Terms: T/T, L/C, Western Union

Trade Terms:   EXW, FOB, CIF

MOQ:           120 pieces

Lead Time: 20-25 working days after deposit

Package Size: 79*59*45cm/4pcs

Smoking glass – harmful effects on health

Also known as a shisha water pipe or hookah is basically a smoking device in which the smoke is cooled and filtered by the water.

A recent study found that sheesha or shisha is a serious threat to the health of adolescents, especially girls. This habit was most prevalent between the ages of 16-25, with 70% of lead smokers being male and 30% female. There is another dangerous thing about lead, and that is the use of more than 30% of lead and addictive substances in lead stores by owners or smokers.

Sheesha smoking can lower the fertility rate in girls and increase the chances of fetal abnormalities, which pose a major threat to their health. Other harmful effects of smoking include heart disease, stroke, muscle and joint disease, headaches, and cancers of the lips, tongue, mouth, lungs, and stomach. In addition to posing a serious threat to the mental and physical health of adolescents, lead smoke also affects people sitting around smokers, which call secondhand or passive smoking.

A puff of lead smoke contains more than 5,000 active chemicals with at least 100 carcinogenic and more than 25% potentially fatal addictions. Another major risk of lead smoking is the presence of addictive drugs such as cocaine, marijuana, and heroin being associated with flavored tobacco by the management of these outlets or by the customers themselves.

Product Description

Snake LED light hookah glass, available for 1-4 people, special scalp-shaped glass water vase, snake base with LED light, air exhaled from snake mouth, gorgeous and fun design, good for bars, clubs, hookah parties, etc.

WY-SN01 Snake led glass

Package includes-

Fine resin modeling snake design with varnish finish

Features with LED lighting

One-piece good quality hose

Water bases, earthen bowls, charcoal trays, tongs, and grommets

Packaging and shipping

For carton boxes, we use yellow plain boxes.

Four pieces of hookah on cardboard, size: 79 * 59 * 45cm

Shipping: By air or by sea.

Many ceremonies of preparation, lighting, and smoking etiquette revolve around the use of hookah. People gathered at the coffee house to smoke together, exchange news and stories or just share a quiet, meditative time. Reminiscent of a more relaxed and turbulent past, the story of a trip to the banks of the Hookah Nile River, long nights in the exotic fragrant gardens, the spice of the market, and the pernicious music of belly dancing.

Women gathered for tea, students engaged in intellectual discussions. Men playing a game of chance and smoking hookah in an easy gathering of friends for enjoyment and relaxation. The hookah or nargile of the householder is a sign of puffing, welcoming, and hospitable to the guest. Instead of the habit of panicking, many can classify cigarettes, hookah as the entrance to serenity and reflection. It’s a connection to the past and an oasis of crazy present civilized fellowship.

With such a long history, it is not surprising that hookah craftsmanship has advanced to the level of the industry; Most hookahs are extremely nice and beautiful. At one time, each part of the hookah was produced by a specially trained craftsman, just to make that piece. Among the materials used were silver, crystal, and amber. When you add to the centuries-old tradition of rituals and rituals, where hookah stands. It’s easy to see that this ancient water pipe represents the relationship between a single and luxurious experience in smoking and social interaction and why it’s becoming so popular in the West.

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