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What is Kalinga Stone and How Can it Make Your Indian Kitchen Design Better?

The days are gone when people thought of granite for countertops. Many Indian homes are opting for trend choices like Kalinga stone.  If you are setting a modern vibe to being low maintenance by nature, Kalinga stone is considered to be a top contender for countertop options available in the market now. Kalinga Stone is widely available in different varieties of colors starting from hues of grey, white and brown.  You should know about Kalinga stone before finalizing the material for your Traditional Indian kitchen design .

What is Kalinga Stone?

Kalinga stone is a veined marble and quartz engineered stone available in over 150 shapes and colors to match your interior. It provides steadfastness and durability of quartz that makes it an addition, which is ideal to the Indian kitchen design. Engineered stone countertops are quickly becoming a popular choice among interior designers and architects.

The Kalinga Stone Range: Marble and Quartz

Kalinga stone is an evocation of Italian marble but much higher in durability and usability. You can see the imitation of natural striations of marble. It is much easier to cherry-pick the right consistency because of its engineered quality.

A balance of aesthetics and functionality can be seen in the Quartz range. Quartz is considered to be one of the hardest minerals in the world. It is much stronger than granite and marble. It is also easy to maintain and wipe down.

What about Kalinga Stone Marble?

You should consider installing Kalinga stone if you have ever cringed when you set a pot down too hard on the kitchen countertop. Natural aggregates, resins, and binders make things a lot tougher than conventional marble, results in a stone that is almost damage-resistant.

For high foot traffic areas like the kitchen where spills and breaks are common, this makes it a viable option. Upscale looks to the designs are lent by the veined patterns also lend mirroring the lavish impression of natural marble.

At the porosity level, the marble variety is low. It will not absorb water or other liquids making it easier to wipe spills and leaks.

For consistency in designs, there is a wide range of color options. There is a difference in color and vein pattern over a large area in natural marble. The color, sizes, and pattern are much more uniform since it is engineered. When compared to the costs of sourcing and installing natural marble, it may prove cost-effective in the long run.

How About Kalinga Stone Quartz?

Kalinga stone quartz is your go-to option if you prefer low maintenance and high durability.

As compared to other engineered slabs, Quartz is much stronger and virtually scratch-resistant. It is non-porous so spills aren’t absorbed and can be easily wiped off. There is no need for sealing as it is said to be bacteria-free.

The quartz range also claims to be low-maintenance like Kalinga stone marble. Standard slabs come in a variety of thicknesses and hues to complement your chosen color scheme, cabinetry, and fixtures.

What is the pricing for Kalinga Stone?

There are more than 150 types of Kalinga stone designs that range from 200-500 per square foot. Layout plays a major role in your budget that should be kept in mind. Less square footage of material is required in parallel L-SHAPED KITCHENS. More material is required in a U-shaped kitchen.

What to Watch Out For

  • Each slab is very much like the other since these stones are engineered. This is a problem for individuals who love marble’s odd flaws and variations in color and striation.
  • You may see seams at the joints if the slabs are not fitted together properly, especially if the slabs are lighter in color. This could be disturbing to the seamless appearance of the design but more importantly, let the dust and residue accumulate in the cracks.
  • Quartz is prone to discoloration when exposed to direct sunlight, this is another disadvantage. You may notice an inconsistency in colors over time if just one of the countertops is constantly exposed to direct harsh sunlight.

Besides, Kalinga stone can be brought into utilization for  your Indian kitchen design like flooring, singular facades, and staircases. In terms of aesthetics, it comes quite closer to natural marble and quartz but it has higher strength and durability.

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