What is Nail Extension? What are Types of Nail Extension?

Nail Extension

Nail extensions are artificial extensions used to improve the exterior of the nails. To create nail extensions that increase the length of your nails, a technician will usually apply acrylic tips to your nails. Nail extensions Dubai can also be created using UV gels. Instead, they make nails softer, stronger, and slightly thicker. One benefit of choosing gel overlays is that these extensions generally look very similar to regular nail polish. Many people choose to get these extensions to enhance the appearance of their natural nails.

People with short nails can also use these extensions to create longer and more elegant nails. Most nail polish only lasts a few days before it starts to peel off the nail. People who want a long-lasting pedicure can consider these extensions. Nail Extension in Dubai is the best nail extension.

Types of Nail Extension

  • Acrylic nails
  • Gel nails
  • Acrylic or PolyGel nails
  • Wrap Nails
  • Porcelain nails
  • sculptured nails
  • Solar nails
  • Acrylic nails

It is essential to know everything about one of the most popular types of nails: acrylic nails. They are made with acrylic powders (polymers) and a liquid that activates them (monomer). Once mixed and spread on each nail, they need to be worked on quickly because acrylic dries at room temperature. Unlike acrylic or gel nails, it does not need lamps to solidify.

  • Porcelain nails

Among acrylic nails, porcelain nails are one of the most named. We say it is a type of acrylic nail because it is done with acrylics, but the material is slightly different. Porcelain nails are more brittle, thin, and difficult to maintain than acrylic nails. They last approximately 15 days. Some manicurists refer to porcelain nails as fibreglass and attach acrylic materials to the nail. In either case, they are less resistant than acrylic nails.

  • Gel nails

Gels today have the consistency of enamel; that is, they are less thick. Like the acrylic ones, they are placed on the entire nail or the tips, and they are also used to fix tips. Usually, a base coat, a colour coat and a topcoat are applied. In any case, what should use an ultraviolet (UV) light lamp to dry and harden them completely? Although with the new formulas, gels have an activator that hardens them without a lamp. Gel nails are usually more expensive than acrylic nails.

  • PolyGel Nails

It is one of the newest techniques because it combines the hardness and durability of acrylic nails with the naturalness of gel nails. Acrylic powders are used in a gel base.

  • Wrap Nails

Initially, this technique was used to repair broken nails. For this purpose, they used a small strip of fiberglass, cloth, linen, silk, or even tea bags. It was placed on the break with an adhesive and thus prevented it from breaking. However, currently, some use these materials to do nails or to strengthen tips. That is why they are called wraps “wraps” in English. To apply them, they use nail glue and an activator that hardens the tissues. At least four layers of the tissue are needed to make nails more or less intense.

  • Solar nails

In the beauty industry, you may find some confusing names for some types of false nails. One of them is solar nails. Solar nails are acrylic nails manufactured by the Creative Nail Design Company. The only difference with the “normal” acrylics is that the base material comes in two colours: white and pink, to sculpt nails with the French manicure.

  • Sculptured nails

You may also have heard of sculptured nails and think they are different materials. However, it is not another nail from the others we already mentioned. As we pointed out before, they are nails in which tips, molds or extensions are not used.

Gel Nail Extension vs. Acrylic Nail Extension

  • Gel nail
  • Fewer volatile chemicals are used.
  • The finish is more precise, fresher and more beautiful.
  • The effect is a more natural nail than acrylic.
  • Acrylic nail
  • It is one of the most durable false nails; they can last up to 4 weeks with minimal care. If maintained and refilled, they can last up to 6 months.
  • Its cost is not that high.
  • They do not damage the nails.
  • You can get them anywhere

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