What Is Required For A Down Payment On A Land Loan?

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Question: What is usually needed for down payment for land loans?

Answer: When looking for land loans and trying to determine what you need for down payment. You can usually expect reach between 20% to 40%. Each land lender has a different parameter, but we have registered 3 key factors that usually have the most significant value for land lenders. When determining what you need for advances on land loans.

1. Repayability Ability

2. Value of assessment and / or purchase

3. The value of collateral from the land that has been owned

1. The ability to pay land loans has always been the highest priority for every land loan lender.

Personal balance and or or corporate balance sheets, tax returns, and credit history. All play an important role in determining whether someone is able to pay for land loans and in the end. You will want to make sure your credit is in good standing before taking out a loan. It’s better if you can get approval for more than just the amount of money needed. But this also depends on how much riskier it makes things with lower payments. Higher interest rates which could lead us back into an economic crisis!

2. Every time the land is purchased, the assessment must be made if the land loan is desired.

Assessment is carried out to set the value of the land at the time of purchase. Most land loan lenders need a detailed narrative summary assessment to ensure the true value of the land. In many cases, the value of assessment is not exactly the same as the valuation value. Most often, the number of loans is determined at percent of the lowest value of the value of assessment or purchase price. The percent created L.T.V. (Loans to value). Most lenders need a standard loan of 60 to 80 percent, which means advance 20 to 40 percent is needed.

3. So what if you don’t have cash needed for 20 to 40 percent or don’t want to use the amount of cash for your land loan?

Some land lenders offer other alternatives for land loans.  If you have a property that you already have that has substantial equity.  If the value combination between your existing property. The newly purchased property is the value of the amount of land loans at 60 to 80 percent needed by most land lenders.


These three factors all have the majority of the possibility for the amount of payment down needed for land or lot loans. However, every small letter is a small letter. There may be more factors that affect the amount needed for down payment. It openly communicating your situation and buying desires.

If you are looking for a land loan, this post will provide all the information you need to know about them and how they work. We will start by explaining what land loans and why people use it.

Next we will talk about various types of mortgages available and some pros and cons. Finally, let’s finish with steps on how to apply for land loans! Loans are very similar to other home loans but do not require any equity from the property itself. In this way you can get your own place without worry if there will be enough money coming out of debt payments at each end (mortgage vs cash). There are many benefits too. Interest rates tend to be lower than those found in traditional financing options. They are easier for sale because all parties involved know exactly what they demand their responsibilities. See our blog posts about what you need to know about land loan requirements now!

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