What offence is using false plates? A Complete Detailed

We’ve discussed what to do if your license plates are stolen or recreated, but what is the false number plates punishment for individuals who commit fraudulent crimes? Undoubtedly, the penalties for those who commit a false number plate offence are not severe. Between 2014 and 2018, the police made 41,385 stops for illegal licence plates. The total number of stolen registration plates recorded between January 1st, 2019 and March 31st, 2020 was 23,067. (From the Metropolitan Police database)

As we can see, the rates of stolen/cloned plates are staggering, and these are only the ones that have been capture and documented! The true figure could be significantly higher.

Offence of using false plates in the UK

The offence of using false plates in the UK is a criminal offence which falls under Section 21 of the Road Traffic Act 1988. This section states that it is an offence to use a vehicle with false number plates and/or registration marks. The penalty for this offence is a maximum six months imprisonment and/or an unlimited fine.

This is a crime, and it is punishable by a fine of up to £1,000. The court that deals with this offence may also order the offender to take part in an educational course or activity. The police can seize the vehicle and release it if they think that the person who was using the false plates was not aware of their true identity.

According to the Law enforcement agencies, ” ANPR [automatic number plate recognition] data is progressively facilitating police to recognise automobiles running on cloned plates, using tools such as journey time analysis.” This contributes to our ongoing investigation.” Even so, based on our findings, plate cloning is still on the rise. Faster than ever before.

In just one year, 29,256 vehicle registration plates were stolen, which helps to explain why a surprising number of law-abiding riders and drivers have been accused of crimes they did not commit, in places they were nowhere near at the time. BikeSocial explains what to do if you believe your licence plate is clone, as well as the UK registration laws.

Are 3D Gel Number plates legal?

Characters on a license plate may be 3D, but they must be the correct size and material.

The Illegal Number Plate Fine

The DVLA has currently implemented the Illegal Number Plate Fine Measures to discourage people from showcasing replicated or illegal plates through fines. The most common fine is £100.00, but it can be increase to £1,000.00, or the registration can be confiscate entirely. As part of the crackdown on shady plates, MP Andrew Griffith introduced a new bill in the House of Commons. The new “Vehicle Registration Offences Penalty Points Bill” means that penalties for showcasing unauthorised plates (including cloned plates) will now be more severe than a fine.

The freshly implemented repercussions will shift from a ‘simple’ fine of around £100 to the imposition of penalty points on licenses. Because the points are more severe and perpetual, they should serve as a deterrent. We don’t know if additional sanctions will be impose. We sincerely hope that the current penalties are sufficient to deter criminals from cloning / stealing plates in the future!

What happens if your licence plate is stolen?

It is critical that anyone who loses a licence plate, whether it has been stolen or you believe it has fallen off, contacts the police immediately. “This could be useful if you later receive a summons, parking ticket, or speeding ticket,” says Dr Ken German. “In that case, the receive correspondence should be return to the sender with a covering letter containing any documentary evidence needed to prove the case.”

Proof may include proof of your spot at the time of the event, as well as clean photos of your vehicle or bike proving all sides and the number plate itself, with the manufacturer’s details – most pictures taken by ANPR and others alongside the road cameras are of sufficient quality now to recognise tiny variations such as damage, modifications, decals, and so on, and have been found ideal for establishing your innocence. Or demonstrate your guilt.

It is also crucial to write to the DVLA address at DVLA, Swansea SA99 1ZZ, about the situations of the false accusation, so that a record can be keep for future reference.

The registered keeper must gratify the issuer of any offence notice that the allege offence was not commit by them – or their vehicle – at the time and place specified.

How can I tell if someone has cloned my licence plate?

Criminals will usually look for a vehicle or bike that is the same model and colour as the one they own, and then have a number plate made to match it. Regrettably, you’re likely to find out about your cloned licence plate when you obtain a fine or notice of intended prosecution. Once more, you must write to the issuer and provide any proof demonstrating that it could not have been you.

How To Prevent License Plate Theft

If you’re wondering how to prevent cloned or stolen plates, we’ve got some great advice for you

There are some important measures for avoiding stolen plates :

  • If possible, park indoors.
  • Parking on your driveway or the street
  • Park in congested, well-lit areas where CCTV is present.
  • Park near busy intersections where people can easily see you.
  • Use anti-theft screw kits, which are available here!

Few best recommendations for avoiding cloned plates

Purchase your licence plates from a DVLA-approved company (such as Number1Plates). Before sending your new licence plates, a legitimate company will ask to see your entitlement (proof of ownership) and ID. This is because it is require by the police and the DVLA. If a company does not request these, it is operating illegally and allowing anyone to order any plates, which is how cloning occurs!

Last Words

A bike or a vehicle with a stolen or cloned license plate is a forgery, and it can result in anything from a community order to a large fine and a jail term. Additional options include is disqualifie from riding or driving, as well as having your vehicle seize.

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