What One Should Prefer To Visit Hot Sun Or Cold Snow

Well, this is the most debatable topic, & one can debate on this for I don’t know how many hours or days. But the real question is what you should choose the beach or the mountains. I guess it is the tricky one for someone. But the thing is if you are planning to visit beaches in the monsoon then you aren’t going to have such a pleasant experience, & if you are going to the mountains during summer, then most probably the snow won’t be that good or enough for you to make your trip worthy. 

Let us consider the situation and compare Olhuveli Beach and Spa Resort surround by sand and beaches having a luxury beach life. On the other hand, let us take Aurora Village Ivalo. It covered with snow & the night sky is worth all your trip tiredness.

Olhuveli Beach and Spa Resort

It is situated at the south male of the atoll Maldives 08400 & having a duration of via plane is 35 minutes & having a minimum distance of 45 minutes by speedboat. This resort is having a 5-star rating not because where it is situated because of how & what service it provides to the tourist who comes to enjoy the view of the ocean. This resort helps the traditional Maldives to meet with modern changes.

In order of the changes they get you facilities like 3 swimming pools from adults to women to kids we have categorised it all. And the cuisine of theirs are worth and outstanding as they hold the heart of Maldives. There are many things one can do and perform and stay active limitlessly activities like kitesurfing, parasailing, and many more. They offer world-class water sports and deliver the best to you. The resort is well known for sightseeing at night & watching the sunset with your loved ones.

More Things What the Resort Offers You

The resort offers you 24 hours room service & baby seating so that you can enjoy it without even having any second thought in the back of your mind. Family rooms and shops are there for you to have best time there, & cycle tours are added this year which can make it easy for you to explore the resort. Moreover, poolside bars, BBQ facilities, and shuttle service make this resort attract a major of tourists every year.

Aurora Village Ivalo

Aurora village situated in Ivalo, Finland, which surely is not the coldest part of the world, yet it receives a good & decent amount of snowfall through the year. Which sure is good news for the mountain lovers Saariselkä is at a distance of 34 km from Aurora Village Ivalo, while Inari is at 41 km. The nearest airport is 13 km from the resort.

They offer you a logging & warm cabin with transparent roof walls or roofs from where you can enjoy the view of the village and the night sky at night & enjoy the northern lights while staying in your bed.

There is a large luggage spot for tourists to make them feel comfortable & not worried about where & how they will manage their clothes the restaurant there are having good chefs, so on the food, you can completely rely on them. And along with all this, they offer free Wi-Fi, and tourist can have cocktails at bars build there. All of the cabins situated there equipped with coffee machines & a well-maintained seating area. They can offer you a private bathroom which fitted with a shower & dryer itself. Shampoo, conditioner, and shower gel are provided by the cabin management itself.

A buffet of breakfast is also available daily at the property. Aurora Village Ivalo also do offers outdoor activities on the village side.

Activities You Can Perform There

The property offers ski right at the doorstep and not only these activities like sauna, table tennis, canoeing & hot tub Jacuzzi from where you can enjoy the northern lights of the village. It is literally cold heaven on earth, and the northern light is the only reason to travel for. The northern lights are magical, and the small cozy cabins are a real joy to have them there. The staff of Aurora village is warm and welcoming, so you won’t have to compete with the language difference.  


It’s also a great place to visit with the help of WanderersHub. They made this allot easier to understand why travel makes us understand why nature is an essential part of our living. 

Finally, I would like to conclude that you should travel keeping a plan and some information regarding the place that it is good to visit, particularly whether this will help you in the long run and make your journey happiest of all time.


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