What to Consider Before Investing in a Pressure Washer?

Using a pressure washer, like a Karcher pressure washer in Canada, can be one of the best ways of getting your home and outdoor spaces summer-ready. Over the winter, all kinds of mold and mildew accumulate to coat flagstones, window frames, driveways, pools, and other outdoor surfaces.

A karcher pressure washer in Canada is one part water hose, one part air compressor, together powered by an engine. The engine powers the water pump, which accelerates to produce higher pressure levels. The hose must be specially designed with a strengthened middle layer to support the high-pressure rates. The hose is topped with a trigger-activated gun which shoots the jet of water.

What to Consider

When it comes to choosing a Karcher pressure washer from Canada, there is plenty to learn. To get a sense of the way engines work, there are some terms to understand.

Many only talk about the Horse Power (HP) of a power washing engine. HP is definitely important because it determines how much pressure and volume the engine can produce. But HP can be divide to create the PSI and GPM.


PSI and GPM can be defined as:

    • Pounds Per Square Inch (PSI): Water pressure is measured by pounds per square inch. This number represents the power with which the water jet will hit a surface.
    • Gallons Per Minute (GMP): Represents how much water is delivered to the gun to break down the grime and clean it.

High pressure and low volume create a water laser capable of cutting through materials, and of course, high volume and low pressure create a flow like an overflow pipe or a river.

When PSI and GMP are multiplied, we get the Cleaning Power Units (CPU) number. So whether the pressure washer offers HP, PSI and GMP or CPU, all are leading to different levels of the same information. However, the CPU number provides the most complete picture.

Pressure Washer Parts

Pressure washers like the Karcher pressure washers come in all shapes, sizes, and configurations. Major parts include pumps, belts, hoses, and motors. Having a supplier that also provides Karcher parts is essential because things can go wrong where there are lots of moving parts. Karcher is the biggest pressure washer manufacturer globally and their pumps are designed to be corrosion-free.

Pressure washers need a pump to produce a high level of pressure. Pumps use pistons or plungers to produce pressure. Plungers use a cylinder seal that moves with each stroke. Pistons use a drive shaft attached to a swash or wobble plate driven by a crankshaft.

Belt or Direct Drive

The belt connects the motor to the pump, and direct drive systems are the most common. Belt drive systems are more popular with industrial machines. With direct drive systems, the pump is attached to the engine with a shaft coupler. The belt drive system is more compact and more economical.

Gas or Electric Motors

The motor powers the pump, and its strength is rated in HP. Electric motors can run longer simply because they are not reliant on refillable fuel, but gas motors can last between 300 and 3000 hours.

Electric motors are quieter, require less maintenance, and built to be more economical. But electric-powered pressure washers do not have as much HP, so the jobs performed with these machines will take a little longer.

Gas engine pressure washers are louder and heavier but much more powerful. Since they don’t need to be plugged in, these models can also be much more convenient to move around.

Hoses and Accessories

Finding a supplier of Karcher replacement parts in Canada or replacement parts for the pressure washer you choose should be one of the first considerations before purchasing your new unit. This is because a pressure washer without the right parts will be useless, especially for accessories.

Hoses tend to break down over time and even more quickly if not stored properly. You may also wish to source different tips and attachments for different jobs – some of these accessories will not come with the unit at the time of purchase.

Before purchasing your new Karcher pressure washer in Canada, consider all factors to help you make the best decision.

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