What to do when QuickBooks Error 15276 pops up?

Welcome to the Payroll Customer Service website. Today, by following this blog, you will learn to resolve QuickBooks Error 15276 in QuickBooks, i.e., by the end of this, you will be able to download your payroll update. Instead of directly jumping to the troubleshooting, let’s know more about Error 15276. When you get a window message quoting either “Error 15276: The payroll update did not complete successfully. One of the files to be updated was in use and could not be replaced.” Or it might say, “Error 15276: The update did not complete successfully. One of the files to be updated was in use and could not be replaced.” while you are updating QuickBooks or payroll is known as Error 15276.

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Why does Error 15276 occur?

It occurs when the file that you want to update is being in use, therefore not allowing you to replace the old file with the updated one. Several other errors you can find around the web: damaged or incorrect registry entry for QuickBooks Program can also raise this kind of issue, if your hard drive was corrupted in the sector because of some of the reasons, Incorrect browser settings can also be a reason for QuickBooks Error 15276 to pop up while installing QuickBooks Application it sometimes becomes incompatible with the OS because you have accidentally downloaded the wrong version for your device. For the most efficient working solutions, you can go through these solutions mentioned below. We hope that it can best fit the issue you are facing.

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How to get Error 15276 resolved?

You can resolve this issue by following these steps if your QuickBooks payroll subscription is active.

Step 1: Install QuickBooks Tools Hub

1. First, Download the QuickBooks Tools Hub and install it. It is handy in mending minor glitches and bugs. (Use Tool Hub on Windows 10, 64-bit, to set optimum conditions for running)
2. Close QuickBooks to open QuickBooks Tool Hub.
3. Do download the latest version of the QuickBooks Tool Hub, which is
4. Back your company files up. Save them on a location that is easy to track (your Downloads folder or your Windows desktop). Note: If you already have Tool Hub, check its version by clicking on the Home tab. You can see its version at the bottom of the screen.
5. Open the QuickBooks Tool Hub that you just downloaded-a file with extension:QuickBooksToolHub.exe
6. Install it by following on-screen instructions. Agree to the terms and the conditions.
7. When the Tool Hub is installed, double-click on its icon present on the Windows desktop and open it. And if you can’t find the icon, search for it in Windows.

Step 2: Run the Quick Fix my Program

1. Click the Program Problems from the QuickBooks Tool Hub, and then hit on Quick Fix my Program.
2. Now launch your data file from QuickBooks Desktop.
3. Download the tax table of the latest style.

If the above two steps bring out no result, proceed to step 3.

Step 3: Perform a clean install in Selective Startup

Work out a clean install in Selective Startup mode. If, after, installing QuickBooks in a selective startup does not make your error go away, then probably you do not have sufficient rights to the QuickBooks File Copy Service.

Step 4: Run QuickBooks Software using Admin Credentials

1. First, close QuickBooks and then hit the right mouse button on the QuickBooks icon for more options.
2. Click on properties from the drop-down menu.
3. Open the shortcut tab and then hit the advanced option to proceed further.
4. Use the admin details to log in and then hit on OK.
5. Open the QuickBooks Application and then choose employees.
6. To view the QuickBooks Payroll option get the Payroll update first.
7. Choose the option “Download entire payroll update” than to open the latest Payroll click on the latest version of payroll update.


Even After installing QuickBooks Tools Hub, running Quick Fix my Program, and performing a clean install in Selective Startup does not help you out in fixing QuickBooks Error 15276; if you are still unable to download the QuickBooks payroll update, then immediately call the Payroll Customer Service at this number +1-855-948-3646 that will guide you with expert advice.

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