Which Hosted VoIP Phone System For Small Business Is The Best?

VoIP platforms have increased in popularity rapidly in recent years, partly due to the rise in remote work. Employees can now take phone calls anywhere there is an internet connection, even in a different country.

Along with this rise in the popularity of VoIP has come an increase in competition in the enterprise VoIP space. There are dozens of platforms offering slightly different feature sets and price points. Today, we’re going to compare two of the most popular hosted VoIP systems for small business communications, Horizon and 3CX. Hopefully this will help you choose which one is the best business phone system for your telecoms.

Both platforms are enterprise VoIP solutions. They are both popular with small to medium sized businesses, and both can be hosted in the cloud for greater security, flexibility and reliability.


Sometimes called Gamma Horizon, or colloquially just “Gamma”, Horizon is the most well-known VoIP phone service in the UK. It known for being an enterprise VoIP platform that provides users with a great deal of flexibility and scalability. Local administrators can add users and adjust settings through the web-based admin portal.

The Horizon platform comes with a variety of features, including direct dial in (DDI), conferencing and hunt groups among others. Horizon is delivered as an end-to-end solution and you will be able to start using it immediately after you have licensed it.


basically, 3CX is a cloud-based hosted phone system that allows users to make calls and extensions over the internet. It is also compatible with existing PSTN lines. Essentially, it replaces your standard phone system without the customary long-term contracts associated with landline telecoms providers.

3CX was one of the first VoIP products designed for a Windows environment. It is known for being an incredibly easy to use telecoms platform. This has made it a favourite of many businesses since it launched in 2006.

What Is The Difference Between Horizon and 3CX?

Most VoIP platforms, including these two, have the same list of features. However, the biggest difference between Gamma’s Horizon platform and the 3CX client are in how they are priced.

Free Version

3CX offers a free version of its service. This free edition of 3CX allows you to make up to 8 simultaneous VoIP calls. overall, This makes 3CX an excellent choice for sole traders and small businesses. As of the time of writing this article, Horizon does not currently have a free version, or even a free demo available.

Mobile App

One of the most useful features on any VoIP system is making and receiving calls from any device, in any location. also, By running a VoIP app on your mobile phone, you can have access to a separate business phone number. This is is far more convenient than needing to carry a separate mobile device with you.

3CX include its mobile app in its price alongside its desk phone option. Horizon charges extra for the ability to use its platform on iOS or Android devices. The standard Horizon package only includes the desktop app.

Advanced Features

3CX includes many advanced telecoms features in its service offering as standard. This includes features like automatic call routing hunt groups, conference calls, auto attendants and call recording. Horizon, on the other hand, locks almost all its most useful features behind various additional “bolt-on” products.

When comparing the prices of the two platforms, you need to remember to factor in the different additional features your business will require. Calculating these add-ons ahead of time will allow you to have a more accurate impression of the cost.

CRM Integration

Both 3CX and Horizon can integrate with CRM software like Zoho, Salesforce as well as accounting programmes like Sage.

However, This allows customer contacts to be kept in sync between the different systems. after that, You are also able to search all your customers’ details from directly inside of your chosen VoIP platform.

Integrating your VoIP platform with these CRMs allows you to track customer interactions across different platforms. This is a step towards a fully unified communications environment in your business.

Which VoIP Platform Should My Business Use?

in other words, If your business has not yet made the switch to VoIP telecoms, or is looking to upgrade your existing VoIP platform. Also, we recommend trying out the free version of 3CX. You can see for yourself how much utility it could bring to your business. but, If you do not feel confident doing this yourself, you should contact a local business telecoms provider. They can help you to install and configure your new VoIP platform.

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