Which is the best boarding school in Dehradun in 2022?

Boarding schools have been around for hundreds of years, and good reason. Going to boarding school said to help students focus on their education with less distraction from typical home life. Perhaps you’re trying to figure out which would be best schools in Dehradun. Because you feel your child needs the structure and guidance a boarding school will provide. While it may seem daunting to find perfect boarding school because they all appear to have their benefits. There are vital things you should consider when choosing a boarding school.

Benefits of choosing a best schools in Dehradun

  • International curriculum

It is essential to choose a school that offers an international curriculum. If they wish to settle abroad, they will not face any difficulty while studying or getting employed there. Another advantage is that they will get exposure to different cultures. That will make them more tolerant towards others; and more open-minded too.

  • Sports facilities

Apart from academics, it is equally important for children to indulge in outdoor activities like sports and games. This is why you should opt for a boarding school in Dehradun that provides excellent sports facilities for its students. Such schools help develop the students’ mental strength and physical fitness through sports. They also help them hone their skills and give them direction in life.

  • They prepare for higher education

If your child is thinking about college, it is better to send them to boarding school as early as possible. This is necessary because they must maintain good grades to get into a good college and accepted into competitive courses.

  • Academic excellence

One of the biggest reasons why boarding school education is valued so much. Because they are known to provide excellent academic opportunities to their students . Most of these schools follow international syllabi that are very rigorous. Thus ensuring that students get a thorough understanding of all subjects they study.

  • Modern teaching techniques

Boarding schools in Dehradun adopt modern teaching techniques. They use computers and other multimedia devices to impart education to students. This helps the students develop their skills related to technology and makes learning more exciting and enjoyable.

  • Focus on personality development

Best schools in Dehradun have excellent facilities for creating a healthy environment for the overall personality development of their students. They emphasize the personal hygiene and physical fitness of their students by making them participate in sports activities regularly. They also teach their students about the importance of maintaining good manners.

Tips for choosing the best boarding school in Dehradun

  • Boarding School Location

Above all, you must select a boarding school located in a safe and peaceful place. The location should be clean, and there must be no pollution. The surroundings should be beautiful and must positively affect your kids.

  • Cost

The cost of the program should play an important role in your decision. But don’t let it be the only thing you consider. Remember, you get what you pay for. If a program seems too good to be true, it probably is.

  • Facilities at Boarding School

The best schools in Dehradun you select should have modern facilities such as good classrooms, labs, libraries, sports grounds, etc. It should have spacious rooms with attached bathrooms and proper ventilation. You must check all the facilities provided by the school before selecting them for your kids.

  • Visit each school in person.

You must visit each school in-person to ensure that it meets your needs. Take a guided tour, speak to students and teachers, and meet parents. Ask plenty of questions and get a natural feel for the school environment.

  • Good reputation

Find out about students’ academic achievements in the past years by asking for exam results and reports. To get an idea of how good the education is, it’s also important to ask parents and alumni.  About how they feel about the institution’s quality of teaching and learning . If they’re satisfied, this may be a good sign that your child will also have an enriching experience.

Which is the Best boarding school in Dehradun?

The Asian School is the best boarding school in dehradun, affiliated with the CBSE India. In conclusion, it is considered the top school in Dehradun. The Asian school has exceptional infrastructure and a vast campus area. The school provides excellent academic programs, state-of-the-art facilities, extensive co-curricular activities, and many sports events. We provide a safe and secure campus with modern facilities. And a strong sense of community that helps students thrive. It provides an excellent academic environment, quality education, and overall personality development. The Asian School known for its excellent facilities and amenities, including a swimming pool, gymnasium, video library .And computer room, and playfields for basketball, cricket, and hockey.

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