Which One Is The Best Label Printer For Your Needs?

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Before you buy a printer, you should first determine your needs like the width of the label you want to print and the space you have to keep the printer. Whether you own a small retail store or a large chain, you will need the best label printer to carry out your day-to-day task smoothly. But before you go shopping for a printer, you should know what to look into a printing machine.

The range of label printing machines available in the market is quite large, and if you don’t have any idea about your needs and budget when shopping for a label printing machine could be overwhelming.

Each printing machine has exclusive features that determine its use and price. You must do some research on label printing machines before arriving at any conclusion on these printers.

Here’s a list of important features to look into label printing machines

Label size and quality

Determine the width of the label you want to print and buy a label printer online in India that can print that label. A machine can print up to 104 mm wide labels. Check your printing size and look of the machine that can do the printing so you get maximum return on the investment.

For quality, you should use either the direct thermal or thermal transfer method. This method of printing gives excellent results. The printing lasts longer and it allows quick changes in the media. But you should also consider the maintenance needs like changing ribbon or toner while choosing a printer.


Printing resolution is measured in Dots per Inch (DOI) like 203 dpi that is the minimum acceptable resolution for printing barcodes. A piece of a 203 dpi printer is sufficient for a low-resolution job like barcodes. You can also print texts, numbers, and other codes with this printer. And you can easily buy one 203 dpi printer at an affordable price of a label printer for sale in India.

You will need a higher resolution printer for providing more information in a limited space. Choose a 300 dpi or 600 dpi printer, if you want to improve the clarity of your codes and information provided on the label. Higher resolution will improve the print quality as well.

Size, volume, and speed

Label printers can be divided into mobile, desktop, and industrial according to their size, volume, and speed. Depending on your need like the volume of labels you want to print in a day, you should choose a printing machine. For example, a mobile printer is suitable for small jobs.

Here is a piece of advice for you. You should keep your future needs in mind while choosing a printing machine. A small mobile printer could manage small printing jobs, but it won’t be able to handle bulk jobs. Also, you won’t get the speed and volume from a handy printing machine.

Connectivity options

POS printers come with different connectivity options like a USB port that allows printing machines to be connected with desktop computers. Similarly, you have LAN connectivity, if you want your printing machine to work with different selling points. Portable connectivity through Bluetooth and Wi-Fi is also available.

Depending on your needs, you should choose a printing machine that you can easily connect to your point-of-sale system. Ideally, you should buy a printer that provides multiple connectivity options so you can do the printing job in a hassle-free manner.

The overall cost of a printer

First is the upfront price of a printing machine and the second is the running and maintenance cost. The best label printer will cost you a price. Also, you need to spend some money to keep it running like buying toner or ribbon. Also, its maintenance, including cleaning and change of parts would cost you a price.

Like a responsible buyer, you will want to save some costs while buying a printing machine. But here you can make a mistake that is buying a cheap product that has a lesser upfront cost but higher maintenance cost. It is better to do a detailed calculation on the overall cost of a printer before making an opinion on it.

Other important factors to look into a printer

  • Size of the LCD where you can preview the design before it is printed. The display size should be large enough to give a clear view.
  • Buy a printer with a large and expandable internal memory so you can store a load of data for future use.
  • High-speed printing is also a necessity to complete given tasks in a fixed time.
  • Mobile printing is an advantage as it allows hassle-free use of the printer. For example, you can take it to anywhere for printing.
  • An automatic label cutter will give speed to the printing job. The printed labels will be automatically cut from the printer.
  • Another important factor to consider with a printing machine is its ability to print labels of different sizes. You need to keep your present as well as future printing needs in mind while choosing a printer.

An organized office can streamline the sales process and improve productivity and profits in the long run. With a range of POS printers available, you can shop around and compare all leading printing machines to choose the best. It will be an investment, but it will help in arranging your office environment.

Buying a label printing machine will cost you a price but you should look at the long-term benefits of using a printer. You can print labels and do more than simply print the labels with a suitable printing machine.

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