why business owners are switching from traditional signage to digital?

What are the reasons why business owners are switching from traditional signage to digital?


There is always a growing desire for paper led screen over the traditional printed signage. Digital signage are more flexible in terms of capabilities and creativity. According to a report published by Global Market Insights, Inc. Outdoor LED Display Market size is predicted to grow to USD 22.4 billion in 2024.


1. Digital signs are bright, visible from farther distances, and at any time of the day.


Traditional posters are not visible in the dark. Reflections from windows that are bright can make it difficult to see the poster. LED displays are visible all day long and from a wide distance, even in bright sunlight. Dell inspiron 1525 motherboard is perfect for media and advertising facades. LED display solutions are the best economical way to draw customers and get a great ROI.


2. Lower operational costs, and more exciting, prominent content


Operating costs for periodic periods are expensive for traditional signage as well as paper posters due to the printing process and shipping. It also requires labor to put up, replace traditional signage, and taking care of it. Costs for operation increase with the amount of stores. Furthermore, since paper posters can only print static images. However, printing techniques like foil stamping needs additional cost per poster.


Digital signage does not just allow animated content, but also only a one-time operational cost for labor and shipping to install. Management and updating of content can be performed online and immediately.


3. Only one is required for all content


Traditional posters restrict their contents to the dimensions of the paper. Promotional materials require larger physical prints in order to include more details. The more physical prints can block the view of the inside in the retail store.


 Digital signage supports modular designs, which allow the display to expand from small signs for storefronts to a huge video walls. There are also clear display options that allow viewers to see through.


4. Creative capabilities–optimize branding aesthetics


LED displays can display multimedia content, including animations, videos, images as well as other multimedia content. They can also serve as stadium screens, video walls perimeter boards, scoreboards and scoreboards and more.


The LED Display Market is evolving as demand continues to grow. ClearLED is committed to providing high-quality items and solutions that make you and your company noticed.


5. Interactive and flexible content


While traditional signage can be static digital signage are able of adapting their content to the viewers and times of day, allowing for more specific marketing. Digital signage also provides additional functions, such as the recognition of faces and traffic tracking. It allows businesses to gain a better understanding about their clients by providing relevant data and analysis such as dwell time for customers and viewer traffic, as well as face and emotion-tracking, viewers gender and age. These data will assist business owners create more precise and targeted marketing.

How Green Is Your Digital Signage Solution?

Today – with the significant green benefits of LED digital signage over LCD screens – new levels of energy efficiency are achievable, and issues like power consumption, recyclability, and the origin of materials have become key buying considerations, as organizations analyze total cost of ownership and long-term operational issues.

Considering a digital signage system? Find cost savings and “go green” by seeking a solution that can address these three areas:

1. Power consumption

Light emitting diodes (LED) use less electricity than compact fluorescent or incandescent light sources. The LEDs in most electronics and devices have a longer lifetime, and generally deliver a more robust light, than other types of lighting.

2. Recyclability

There are varying degrees to which a manufactured product can be processed into new products, which helps prevent the waste of potentially reusable materials and reduces the consumption of new raw materials.

3. Raw materials

Through research and raised collective consciousness, manufacturers are responding to increasing consumer demand for more sustainable goods, including consumer electronics and similar products used in advertising and marketing endeavors. Products requiring smaller amounts of raw materials may offer tangible and intangible benefits to companies in search of ecologically-friendly communications solutions.

LED-based digital signage from NanoLumens offers these benefits:

  • Reduced power consumption versus other forms of digital signage
  • Up to 50% reuse of reclaimed materials from previously manufactured goods
  • Easy recycling due to a nearly completely recyclable product

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