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Why Clifton Is a Suitable Student Accommodation in Cambridge, USA

Cambridge in the USA is the home to the popular Harvard University, which has gained widespread popularity among students living across the globe. Many overseas students like to get enrolled in Harvard or any other university or institution located in Cambridge.

The universities in Cambridge also offer admissions to international students. There are enough places available today for student accommodation Cambridge USA. These accommodation properties provide everything that is needed by people of today along with some luxury features. Students can spend their years of study with full comfort in these places for accommodation.

One of the popular places for student accommodation Cambridge USA is Clifton. Clifton is an apartment-based property, where students can find magnificent features. In this property, students get an excellent social life while maintaining their studies properly.

One can reach Harvard University from here within 15 minutes by bus. Other universities and institutions can also be reached easily from here via public transport system or personal vehicles.

Here are some of the major features of Clifton, which will help you in making a wise decision about choosing this property for your student accommodation.

Single Rooms Available for Students in a 5-Bedroom Apartment

Students can find a single room in a 5-bedroom apartment at this property. So, you get privacy in your room and find the company of the housemates in the apartment whenever needed. All the rooms are available with a full-size bed.

Dining Arrangements for Students

There is an ideal dining area available in the apartment. Besides, wonderful cooking arrangements can also be found here. There is a cooking hob for the conventional style of cooking. You can use the microwave if you are willing to prepare meals with modern methods.

Besides, a fridge can also be found in the kitchen for keeping fruits, vegetables, and other eatables fresh as well as for cooling the water and freezing the ice.

Brilliant Study Arrangements for Students

The major purpose of students for coming to this city is to get education. Therefore, study arrangements are must for them without any second thought. First, students find the study areas inside the rooms of the apartment. These study areas comprise study desks and chairs where students can study in a comfortable and health-friendly posture.

In addition to this, there is also a special reading area for the residents. This area is perfect for students to complete their assignments and prepare for their exams peacefully.

On the other hand, there is also a Wi-Fi internet connection available here, which and also be considered a study feature. By connecting Wi-Fi to their gadgets, students can accomplish their projects and assignments that have been assigned to them by their universities or colleges. Moreover, they can also take the help of video tutorials, text lessons, etc. for their studies.

For Wi-Fi connection, students are required to pay the bill amount as per their usage.

Arrangements for Entertainment, News, and Information

First of all, the availability of a Wi-Fi connection itself is a great source of entertainment, news, and information. Movies, music, and a lot of other things can be enjoyed via the internet. On the other hand, searching for news on Google, and visiting news & information websites are known by everyone in the present scenario.

On the other hand, students also get a TV with a cable connection. So, they can get all this via entertainment channels, music channels, sports channels, news channels, and discovery channels.

Common Area for Socialization

There is also a common area available at this property. Therefore, students have the facility to meet other residents of the property. Students can also help each other in their studies in the common area.  

On-Site Laundry Facilities

Washed clothes are needed by everyone and students may not have time to wash their clothes on their own due to their busyness with studies and other tasks. On the other hand, many of the students may not have enough practice to wash their clothes. Therefore, an on-site laundry is available at this property.

Heating Facility

There may be some times in the winter season when there is extreme cold. For such a situation, a heating facility is also available in the rooms. So, the students can live in a warm environment even during that season. This facility is also paid and students are required to pay the bill amount for it.

Restaurants and Cafes Nearby the Property

Visiting restaurants and cafes is liked by most of the students today. It is a way through which they can have fun with friends. Moreover, they also find an opportunity to enjoy delicious meals.

There are some restaurants and cafes available nearby the property, where students can enjoy intercontinental cuisines. These restaurants and cafes offer meals and beverages at affordable prices.

Wrapping Up

Clifton is undoubtedly a suitable property according to the contemporary needs of international students. It helps students in living a lifestyle full of comfort during their stay in student accommodation Cambridge (USA).

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