Why Pre-Operatives are Important for Safe Results for Gynecomastia

Firstly, Steroid Consumption, Alcohol Consumption, all are restricted for all those patients who are suffering from the problem of Gynecomastia. Gynecomastia refers to the problem of male boobs. There are 3 stages of Gynecomastia through which the surgeon can decide the suitable treatment. Stages named as:

  1. Puffy Nipples: The puffy nipple is an unusual condition where there is no extra fat in the chest. The only problem is the presence of an extra gland that makes the nipple more prominent.
  2. Grade 1: Gynecomastia Surgery requires liposuction as well as gland removal. The gland is usually small. Most Grade 1 surgeries can be complete under local anesthesia. In some situations however General anesthesia may be needed. In bodybuilders, the majority of the problem is due to big glands. Large gland variety often needs General Anesthesia, since it gets very painful to treat in LA.
  3. Grade 2: The only treatment is surgical. Management is always under GA (General Anesthesia). The treatment involves, Liposuction to remove the fat and shape the chest, followed by gland removal a small percentage of patients have a bit of loose skin, that might need skin lift procedure. We usually perform our Innovative U – Lift technique
  4. Grade 3: Management is always under GA (General Anesthesia). The treatment involves Liposuction to remove the fat and shape the chest, followed by gland removal almost 30% of patients will have some looseness of skin. They are usually people with weight loss situations or very large gynecomastia:
  5. Liposuction + gland removal + assessment for skin lift technique weight loss situation
  6. U lift or circumferential skin lift technique or Mastopexy technique

Secondly, I am mentioning the management of Gynecomastia grades that every surgeon prefers in order to assure the best results.

Now let’s move to all the pre-operatives that are necessary to perform surgery:

  1. Get Lab Testing on Surgery Day: It is most important to get all the lab testing reports that are necessary before surgery.
  2. Stop Consumption of Alcohol: If you are looking for the best Gynecomastia in Delhi, then stop consumption of alcohol prior to surgery as recommended by the surgeon.
  3. Stop Smoking: Smoking consumption is harmful before surgery. So patients have to stop smoking prior to 7 days.
  4. Avoid Consumption of Herbal Supplements: It is also recommended to restrict the usage of herbal supplements like green tea or any other supplement because the presence of antioxidants in the body during surgery can cause more bleeding and other operative complications.
  5. Restrict Food Consumption before 7-8 hours: Food consumption restricting before surgery because it increases the chances of medical complications during surgery.
  6. Must Disclose the Medical Health Status to the Surgeon: Medical Reports of the patient decodes all the health status of the patient which helps the surgeon to choose whether you are the right candidate for the surgery or not. It might be a possibility of health damage after surgery.
  7. Stop Consumption of Medicines: We are suggesting you stop the consumption of all medicines for problems like Diabetes, Kidney Disorders, or any other to avoid surgical errors.

All the above points should be followed by every patient of Gynecomastia whether belongs to any grades. All these pre-operative will be helpful for the surgeon as well as the patient to know whether you are a good candidate for the surgery or not.

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