Health Benefits of Table Tennis That you Need To Know

Aside from being a fun way to spend a day with your family members and friends, table tennis also offers amazingly great health advantages.

Like most sports, table tennis provides excellent mind-body stimulation, aerobic exercise, and social interaction. Unlike a lot of sports, nevertheless, the general risk for harm with table tennis is rather low.

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Health Benefits of Table Tennis are:

Some of the numerous health advantages of table tennis include:

Improving hand-eye coordination:

An extreme match of table tennis stimulates mental alertness and concentration also develops mental acuity.


On account of this fast-paced, short-distance nature of the game, both fine and gross muscle movements are enhanced.

Easy on the joints:

Table tennis is the best alternative for people who had knee surgery, history of back issues, or simply those that are tired of twisting their ankles while playing several other sports.

Burns off calories:

 Hate going to the gym? Try table tennis instead. It is a fun & easy way to burn off calories.

Social game:

Social interaction is very important for mental health. In a universe so connected through technologies, people are feeling more and more disconnected from one another.

Table tennis offers you a opportunity to #UnPlugNPlay, step away from your screen, and bond with the individual on the opposite side of the ping pong table.

keeps your mind sharp:

Famous doctor, psychologist and brain-imaging expert. Dr Daniel Amen, calls table tennis”the world’s greatest brain game” since it’s highly aerobic. Utilizes both upper and lower body, and is great for eye-hand coordination and reflexes.

Table tennis also utilizes many distinct regions of the brain simultaneously as you are tracking the ball, planning strategies and shots, and figuring spins out.

Table tennis has been utilized a remedy for dementia:

Five decades ago, the Sport and Art Educational Foundation started a table tennis treatment program, which was created for seniors with early stage Alzheimer’s and different kinds of dementia. Because table tennis activates various areas of the brain simultaneously, players may excite their overall state of awareness.

Improves balance:

Staying balanced and being able to rapidly change direction is essential to being a good table tennis player. The more you play, the more you can boost your sense of balance.

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Offers a social outlet

 Whether you play in the community center or at home with friends, table tennis offers a great way to bond with other people while you lose weight. Because young and old people can play the game, it can help improve communication and build relationships, irrespective of age. Playing at home with siblings or parents can bring family members closer and enable them to spend more quality time with each other.

Stimulates various different parts of the brain

A player uses the prefrontal cortex for strategic planning. The aerobic exercise from the physical activity of the game stimulates the hippocampus. The part of the brain that is responsible for allowing us to form and retain long-term facts and events.

Final Thoughts

Table tennis is a great way to spend time with friends and build your skills at the same. The three main benefits of playing table tennis are that it builds hand-eye coordination, improves reaction speed by moving faster than other players can see them move on their screen/board as well as being an excellent exercise routine because you have so much less space for movement!

It’s really up in judgement whether someone will enjoy this game more if they’re tall vs short but many people find themselves getting addicted fast due its simple yet challenging gameplay which we all love right?

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