Winter Makeup Tips for Oily and Dry Skin for A Natural Look

In the festive season of winter, everyone is assumed to have a dashing personality. But the problem related to skin ruins all our wishes, as the makeup routine changes completely. The impact of makeup on the skin is different from hot weather and causes problems for individuals with dry or oily skin.

First of all, we should know about the dry and oily skin types so that we can rectify the issue for people suffering from these conditions. Dry skin becomes less elastic, develops cracks, scales/flakes as fine lines of skin become more prominent pores are hard to see which causes redness, dull complexion, inflammation, or itching. On the other hand, oily skin people may face blackheads, pimples, blemishes, acne, because of enlarged pores of the skin in the winter season.

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Delicately Cleansing and Moisturising the Skin

For soft and charming skin and to eliminate hardships of weather on the skin, moisturising the dry skin before applying any other cosmetics is best. Applying moisturiser on wet skin may give better results rather than dry ones and it’s the best way to have a glowing complexion. Massage moisturiser on your face and neck for a few minutes that will give you plumper skin and a glowing finish.

For oily skin people, you should cleanse your face and neck with any face wash or cleanser once daily in winter. In addition to oil-free products, use face cleansers with glycolic acids or salicylic acid as they both are good in cutting off excess oil from the skin

Long-lasting impact of the primer

Applying primer gives your makeup a long-lasting effect along with providing a smooth skin surface. A hydrating primer gives your skin moisturised finish. After cleansing use a primer which doesn’t have a shining effect and is oil-free. If you don’t want to use a primer all over your face you can limit its use to the oiliest areas of your face. The use of too much powder for the makeup base results in more oil from pores. 

Perfect Finishing of Foundation

To give the foundation a firm base to glide upon, a concealer plays a vital role. Use a moist foundation blender or brush to spread a thin layer of it over the whole skin. To make the perfect base apply powder to the shiny areas only. The use of water-based products instead of oil-based is extremely important for people having oily skin. Also, use a matte finishing powder with the help of a damped beauty blender, and never rub it over your skin. 

Use Concealer around the eye area

For the perfect eye makeup, use concealer made for eyelids. Which enhances the surface of eyeliner and shadow by engrossing the extra oil that causes creases on your eyelids. A thin layer of concealer before eyeshadow helps a lot in keeping them fresh for hours. Waterproof eyeliner and mascara will be best for winters as cold winds result in watery eyes.

In the end, setting spray will also be helpful in long-lasting your eye makeup. As the effect of water and oil is the same on makeup products thus if you have oily skin you must choose waterproof eye makeup. A waterproof cream eye shadow is a great product along with waterproof eyeliner and mascara.

Lip Care with Lip Balm after Lipstick

The cold dry air also has a drastic effect on our lips. They become dry and prone to have cracks in them. The best way to keep them a natural refreshing look. It prevent dryness is to use creamy lipsticks in winter in addition to keeping them hydrated. Before the application of lipstick exfoliating lips using lip balm before and after the lipstick is highly recommended.

Using Creamy or Powdered Blush

Depending upon the type of skin blush may be used. If the skin is dry, then replacing the powder blush with cream is a great option in winters. For oily skin, a small amount of cream blush should be used. Using powdered blush for the natural pinkish look of cheeks is also recommended. If despite all efforts in the morning your makeup starts to shine due to oiliness in midday. It use some blotting papers to absorb excess oil from your skin.

So just in a few simple and easy steps, makeup for dry or oily skin, natural and fresh looks can be retained a whole day. These are all the tips suggestion by professinal makeup artists.

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