Winter Skin Care Routines for Different Skin Types

When the weather changes, especially when it changes dramatically, your skin is likely to alter as well. Most people’s skin becomes drier in the winter (even those with oily skin). No matter what your skin type is, we have a few recommendations to keep your skin happy and looking beautiful throughout the winter!

Skincare routines for dry skin in the winter

It’s like being allergic to dogs and going to a dog show if you have dry skin in the winter. It’s been months of pain, itching, dryness, and general aggravation. The easiest approach to avoid this is to keep your skin as hydrated and moisturized as possible. Get a decent moisturizer that will not only give moisture to your skin but will also aid to lock it in. And don’t worry about overdoing it—a few extra applications are OK as long as you’re applying it to clean skin, so keep it on hand when you’re out and about! I will recommend you to use glutathione lightening body lotion.

Skincare routines for oily skin in the winter

Even oily skin can get dry in the winter (in fact, you may feel as if your skin is closer to combination skin for a few months out of the year), so don’t be afraid to add some extra moisturizer. Just make sure it’s one that’s designed to work on all skin types. Remember that if your skin appears to be the combination, you can treat it as such by applying more moisturizer (and hydrating serum) to the areas that are very dry.

Skincare routines for mixed skin in the winter

Because your skin is more likely to act dry in the winter, make sure you’re moisturizing as much as possible with moisturizer and eye cream. If you have combination skin like most people, you probably don’t use as much moisturizer on your nose and forehead as you should, but if you feel like you do in the winter, go ahead and use it.

Winter skincare routines for those in their twenties and thirties

We’d like to tell you that, because of your youth, your skin would breeze through the winter with no issues or discomfort, but that would be a lie. The truth is that you’re just as prone to dry, itchy skin in the winter like everyone else. Not only should you use a healthy moisturizer, but you should also use an eye cream to keep the skin around your eyes hydrated.

Winter skincare routines for anti-aging

Lack of humidity and extremely dry skin make it seem as if someone is sucking the moisture out of your skin with a turkey baster, which can make the skin not only feel but also appear older. Take some toner and rub it into the areas where wrinkles and lines form readily, such as the corner of the eyes, the jowls, and the lips. This will give your skin a boost of hydration.

Applying an extra layer of moisturizer at night and letting it penetrate while you sleep is also a good idea (just make sure you use an old pillowcase because it WILL get on anything it touches). Feel free to apply more frequently if you’re not wearing make-up (three times a day is absolutely fine).

Skincare routines for sensitive skin in the winter

Strangely enough, sensitive skin behaves similarly in both the summer and the winter, becoming even more sensitive in harsh weather. If you have sensitive skin, avoid doing things that will aggravate the problem, such as physical exfoliation (rubbing the skin) or using cosmetics that contain harsh chemicals.

People with sensitive skin, especially those with dry skin, should keep an eye on the temperature of their shower to ensure that they aren’t overdrying their skin. In the winter, you might want to consider using a detox mask or other exfoliant less frequently—if you normally use one four times a week, try two times a week (but try not to cut it out entirely because exfoliation helps moisturizer really get in the skin).

Skincare routines for dull skin in the winter

Unfortunately, in the winter, the skin might become a touch bland. Exfoliate using a light, chemical exfoliator to restore skin’s radiance. In the winter, once a week might be plenty if your skin is dry (just make sure you follow up with a moisturizer).

You should also use a vitamin C serum to help brighten and maintain the appearance of your skin.

Whether you’re hitting the slopes or making snow angels, these tips for adapting your winter skincare routine to the season should keep your skin looking as fresh as snow.

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