You Require Both Car Service and MOT To Maintain Your Vehicle: Learn Why


Car Service 

If you wish to have better performance in your vehicle, you have to maintain it effectively. It is almost impossible to keep your car in roadworthy condition without proper maintenance.

Generally, we hear about regular Car Service Reading while we consider proper maintenance. Moreover, the MOT test is also an important aspect that is related to the healthy mechanical condition of your vehicle.

Both car service and MOT test are important for a car driver. If you avoid any of these two aspects, your ignorance will be harmful in terms of poor performance and decreased road safety.

Thus, it is mandatory to have a look at car service and MOT to understand basic differences.

What is a Car Service?

While you look at your user manual, you will find out a servicing schedule for your vehicle, you need to visit your dealer for car service Reading at the pre-decided period. At the garage, the mechanic will inspect the vehicle according to the guidelines provided by the carmakers.

The mechanic will check several parts of your vehicle. If he wishes he may repair or replace any part of the vehicle to make it fit and fine again.

The car service is related to the health of your vehicle. Thus, replacement and repair work is an essential part of a car service session.

What if You Avoid Car Service?

You will get the results soon if you ignore your car servicing schedule for a long time. You will observe that your car is not able to run on the roads with full potential. Your car likely stops working in the middle of your journey. On the other hand, you should not worry about the present condition of your vehicle if you keep it well-serviced all the time.

You believe it or not but proper car servicing is important if you want to sell your old car. Buyers like the old vehicles that have proper service history. Moreover, buyers prefer vehicles with the proper mechanical conditions.

What is an MOT Test?

The full form of MOT is the Ministry of Transport. A lot of Mot centres are working across the country to check the vehicles of the car drivers. If your car is not three years old, you do not need to visit the MOT centre to have the test. However, after three years, MOT is mandatory every year.

When you reach the MOT centre, the tester will check your vehicle for its roadworthiness. The test will check different parts of your vehicle according to a pre-defined list.

Generally, these parts include horn, seat & seat belts, windows, and doors, tyres, lights, exhaust, driver’s view, windscreen wipers, bodywork etc.

The test checks the aspects of your vehicle that are necessary for road safety. It does not improve the health of your vehicle by adding filter oil etc. the tester will not repair or replace any part of your vehicle. He is responsible to check your vehicle for its roadworthiness.

Common Facts About Car Service and MOT Test

Success in MOT is not the guarantee of the mechanical condition of your car.

If your vehicle has cleared the test, it does not mean that your car is perfectly healthy from inside. The test only checks the safety matters related to your vehicle. The tester will not try to improve the present condition of your car. Therefore, whether your car passes or fails its test, you have to repair it in any condition.

Your vehicle is called roadworthy for the entire year after the MOT test.

Your MOT certificate is valid for one year. However, the results of the MOT test depend on the condition of the vehicle at the time of the test. It means, there is no guarantee how will your vehicle behave after 3 or 4 months.

Car service is a legal requirement.

Carmakers recommend regular car service to ensure proper maintenance. However, car service is not included in the legal requirements. There is not any legal step that is taken against you because of your ignorance. However, you will see the results in the form of poor performance and compromised road safety if you do not keep your car in good condition.

MOT Reading is, however, also a legal requirement, and you will have to face legal punishment if you drive your car without a valid certificate.  On the other hand, it is your choice to follow the car service schedule.

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