Your Favorite Home Accessories Can Be a Reason for Your Painful Back


If you are experiencing a bad backache for quite a while, then you must have already searched for a plethora of exercises, therapies, gadgets, and pain killer tablets to get relief from back pain. However, you might not come across effective details about the things that might be responsible for this issue. The worst part is when you are unknowingly using these accessories or things on a regular basis in your day-to-day life and the pain is not decreasing even after doing everything possible. As a result, you rely on strong over-the counter medicines for lower back pain. In no time, you will be loading a number of chemical body pain tablets into your system.

So, are you suffeRESET pain killer tablets for joint and muscle pain, developed with natural ingredients using nanotechnology.ring from constant back pain in your young days despite doing everything right? Are you unable to find the root cause of your painful back? If this is the situation, then you are on to the right path/page. Here we are discussing the top three accessories that might be responsible for the bad health of your back.

Your High Heels – A Noteworthy Culprit for Back Pain

Every woman feels more attractive in high heels. It is a statement symbol of beauty for many. No matter how much heel height you can carry, an uncomfortable foot base can lead to various issues and one of them is constant back pain. To simply understand the process; your body is not in its natural position when you are wearing heels. Your feet are especially positioned at an angle that pulls your joints and muscles. Not only your back pain, but it can also be the reason for your shoulder, neck, or any other body pain.


Try to invest in high-quality comfortable sneakers and relaxing footwear that properly supports the arch of your foot. Anyhow, if you have to wear heels; then make sure it is for minimum hours. If you are a heel lover, then there are many other options available in the market – Block Heels, Platform Heels, Kitten Heels, etc. Avoid narrow, pointy heels that just squeeze your toes.

A Wrong Mattress – You Can Sleep but Your Body Can’t

If you are unable to find the exact reason for your back pain, then one possible reason can be your mattress. An extremely hard or soft mattress can never make you sleep comfortably. Talking about your back, it will suffer the most especially if you sleep on your stomach. The worst part is to wake up in pain and you have to compromise with sleep too.


Think of replacing your old mattress with the one with the latest features and better comfort factor. If a new mattress is giving your sleepless nights, then it’s normal as it will take time to adapt to the change. Try a mattress with a medium firmness to get some relief for back pain.

Uncomfortable Chairs – Worst Enemy to Your Back Health

Whether you are serving 9 to 5 shifts in an office or are in the driving profession, then it is difficult to save yourself from bad backaches. Spending 10 to 12 hours sitting on a chair in a single position is disturbing for your back, neck, and other body parts, leading to back ache.


Try to walk for 5 minutes after every hour if you are working for long hours sitting on chairs. Do stretching to alleviate the pressure sitting puts on your spine. You can also consult experts and try taking natural painkiller tablets for back pain. These medications are extremely helpful in alleviating pain without any side effects when you have to be bound to a chair and not get a proper alternative.


  • Increase Your Low-Impact Aerobic Activity
  • Avoid junk food and prefer a healthy diet
  • Pay attention to your sitting postures
  • Use quality and comfortable mattresses
  • Add exercise and stretching to your daily routine
  • Stick to natural painkiller medicines for lower back pain (if you are dealing with chronic back pain consult an expert and then go natural)

In Conclusion:

Some small changes in your lifestyle can make a big impact on your health. Whether it’s about your sitting posture or the shoes you wear, keep the consequences in mind. Yes, you can consider a pain killer tablet for back pain but going natural is the key. If you are dealing with chronic back aches, it’s better you take a natural painkiller and supplement after consulting experts as they don’t have any side effects.

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